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Playstation 4 Games Of 2018
 playstation 4 games of 2018

2018 is very Iconic year for gamers vigorously a whole colossal of new games are coming your way. This month games like Frost, Blacksea Odyssey and many more will be launch on playstation 4. So get ready to rumble with these Stunning games coming to the playStation 4 this month. Without exaggerating with the 5 astonished PlayStation Games Launched   previous months, new ones are coming out, let's go with the list of games launching on  playstation 4 on July 2018.

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Blacksea Odyssey

Blacksea Odyssey is a fantastic game, in Blacksea Odyssey you'll battle gigantic space monsters. The RPG takes up-down approach to a rascal-lite shoot. 

Gene Rain

Gene Rain is an astonishing game, in Gene Rain there's deadly death squad that only has one aim to end all the conflict in the world.
Guts And Glory 

Guts and glory is an awesome game this game maybe sound like an action FPS games, but precisely is a game an ordinary gamer can compete in extravagant tasks for glory.

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Let's Sing 2018

Let's Sing 2018 is a fun game with this game you can convince your girlfriend, daughter or wife to start enjoying playing games on your playstation 4 the game is for people who love to sing and it will give you a virtual stage where you can sing and be the best.

Playstation Games of july 2018


Here we go again the creators of tower of guns has create the mothergunship. The game is a first person shooter and packed slot of action scene that brings a host of gun customization options.

Super Dungeon Tactics 

Super Dungeon Tactics is an amazing game that combines tradition RPG characters with a dynamic game play.


Frost is game for smart people is all about a deck-building games set in a frozen world that has been ravaged by a storm.

Hungry Shark World 

Hungry Shark world is popular game but coming to playstation 4 console is just a game to while away your time, you have to eat anything that comes in your way.

Playstation Games Coming to PS4 

Chicken Assassin: Reloaded

Chicken Assassin is an action game that features a humorous over the top story you'll face a number of colorful enemies in Stunning levels and environments.

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The Mooseman 

The mosseman is a horrific & mysterious, game. The mosseman, you have the ability to see three layers of the universe, starting with the layer where dead spirits reside.

These is our list thuo that's allot of games coming to playstation 4, so get ready feel free to go through our list pick the ones you want order it.
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Samsung Galaxy J3, J5 & J7 2017 Model To Support (Android Oreo)
Samsung Galaxy J3 J5  J7 2017 Model To Support Android Oreo

One of the Iconic Smartphone company (Samsung) will be updating their samsung galaxy (J3, J5 & J7) 2017 model to Android Oreo in September. The information was revealed on the software updates page of Samsung and also was written in Android soul. 

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With the info we got the prior may not occur in all regions simultaneously. Samsung company is doing a great job with the Good locks app 2018, they added for samsung users to customize their lock screen, now we'll be expecting 2017 model j3, J5 and j7 to support Android Oreo.

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The updates were to be Launch in turkey from September 28, precisely this exhibit a significant delay from the previously suggested time.

2017 J3, J5 & J7 (Android Oreo)

According to Android soul the updates were to be Launch on friday, July 13. Thuo chances for these updates to arrive in other regions a little earlier is 90% inevitable.
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How To Customize Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone With 2018  Good  Locks App
 Customize your Samsung Galaxy lock screen with Good Locks

Samsung Galaxy has elevated it's 'Good Locks 2018' they Customization app that comes with a lot of Customization options for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

According to the company's official press release about the app, Good lock is able to get along well with Samsung branded smartphones running Android Oreo 8.0 and above precisely in the 'Samsung Galaxy Apps Store' here is how to Customize your samsung galaxy smartphone. The Good lock app 2018 is amazing and works perfectly in galaxy phone inside the good lock app, you'll find the following Options.

*Lockstar, Quickstar, Task changer, and Clock face.

Thuo some galaxy phones may have a routines option as well but we perform this with Samsung galaxy s8. 

Customize Good Screen Lock With Lockstar

With the lockstar, you can definitely change the way the lock screen looks on your samsung galaxy phone and you can set multiple lock screen themes and apply them anytime you want.

Samsung Galaxy Customizing Screen Lock Steps

In lockstar, Click on the "plus" icon in the style card.

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Selection Of Background You Want To Use

On your lock screen and you can also pick image from your gallery if you don't want the one in the app.

Once you're done selecting background, click on the "clock" button down below to choose your "clock style" you want for your lock screen. Choose the "clock style" you want.

Then, click on the "icon Visibility" down below choose the things you want to view on the lock screen and if you don't want any deselect it.

Once you're done click on save on the top to save your template and apply it right away.

Customize With Quickstar 

With Quickstar, you can Customize the look & feel of the Quick setting panel and status bar on your phone. You also get access on changing the color of the panel and choose which icons to show & add a multi-windows button to notifications.

Change The Color For Quick Settings

In Quickstar, click on "coloring"

In here, you can choose from one of the recommended color, or create your very own. To do that click on the "plus" icon under "my coloring".

To set the color of the Quick setting icons that are active, change the color 1.

To set the color of the Quick settings icons that are inactive change the color 2.

You can also change the background color

Modify the background transparency too if you want.

Also can enable or disable blurring and dimming of the background when the Quick settings pane is dragged down.

Once you're done, just click on "save" and then click on "Apply" to immediately apply the changes to the Quick settings panel.

Choose the icons visible in the status bar click on the simple indicator.

In here, you can toggle icons on and off for instance you can choose to hide the battery icon in order not to occupy a lot of space.

You can hide/show icons according to your preferences and simply navigate back once you're done. The changes are applied in real-time.

Customize With Task Changer

With Task Changer option, you can change the recent apps screen regulate on your phone. Also select the type of scroll effect you want like cube in, cube out, linear, scale and rotation up & down.

Customize with Clock Face

To choose a custom clock face for your phone's lock screen, work with the guidelines we about to share below.

Click on the lock screen choose the designs you want or you can Customize the color of the clock face. When you done Customizing click on done and your work will be saved.

If you want to Customize the clock face for your phone's always on display.
Then click on always on display from the bar on top, choose the clock face you want, change the color of you have selected and wants to change the color when done with your work click on save.

Customize Your Samsung Galaxy lock screen 

Currently now that you know how to use the Good lock 2018 app from Samsung, do feel free, go download your app and Customize your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. This tutorial imply for anyone who likes Customizing their  device lock screen.
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Facebook And Instagram To Get "Do Not Disturb Feature"Facebook and Instagram to get Do not disturb feature

Currently Facebook is now testing a new feature Named 'Your Time On Facebook' precisely the feature let's users know how much time they spend or alerts them when exceeded daily usuage limit on the social media environment on daily basis, without exaggerating more on this we have Information on related feature Named (Do not disturb feature) it let users mute all facebook notifications.
Facebook (Do Not Disturb Feature)

'Do not disturb feature' mutes facebook notifications and Concrete them all in a single section called (push) located under the notifications option in the settings menu. Do not disturb feature enables you to mute facebook span notifications from 30 minutes to 24 hours.
The screen shots of the the feature was shared by Matt Navarra, thus facebook will also let users turn off vibrations and sound alerts while receiving notifications.

According to the report from Techcrunch, Instagram is also testing the similar (Do not disturb feature) definitely was seen in the apps code.

Thuo no information on the release timeline of the useful feature. We'll be waiting and be expecting it to arrive with the upcoming updates.
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Use Smartphones As Car Keys
Use Smartphones As Car Keys.

The lockless entry is one of the superb tricks that many Car owners appreciate and there's no uncertainty with the evolution of this technology, our Smartphones will most likely replace physical keys.

But this motivation for evolution has also given rise to concern about the security of the Car and examine a smartphone can be considered reliable enough for the safety of a car.
Recently these concerns have urged the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) to develop a dedicated standard for locking or unlocking Cars called the "Digital key" release 1.0 the standard is aspired at letting owner use virtual key to unlock or start their Cars.

Use smartphones as car keys

The huge point areas of this standard is safety. Precisely first version details specifications which can be implemented by auto builders for transmitting data securely from Smartphones to cars.
We found out that the protocol at the heart of the "Digital keys" is called Trusted Service Manager (TSM) which is been supported with features like NFC distance boundary, signifies that the car will only be unlocked when the Smartphone is in close range preferably your pocket or bag.

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The Smartphone Companies which teamed up for the release of this specifications include Apple, Samsung, Panasonic and LG partners with the Companies like Audi, BMW, GM, Hyundai and Volkswagen other third party partners are Qualcomm, NXP, Gemalto Denso Alps Electric and Continental Auto Motive GmbH.

Use smartphones as car keys

The arrangement plan to roll out the second edition of these specifications by the first quarter 2019. Attestation seeing product in the store that are leveraging release 1.0 and we believe the forth coming  "Digital keys" release 2.0 definitely will have an even bigger influence on the industry as we meet needs for heavy magnified said by the president of Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) Mahfuzur Rahman.
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Whatsapp now hides received media files from gallery

Wow! What an Amazing features launched in Whatsapp like label on forwarded messages and aptitude to record longer voice chats without grasping the record icon.
Presently Whatsapp added another feature known as "Media Visibility" this feature helps you to hide received media from your gallery, this feature has been equiped in the new updated Whatsapp, perhaps is not something many users knew about.
With the updated Whatsapp beta (version 2.18.195) it allows you to hide images, videos and audio received in Whatsapp initial from the phone's default gallery app. Although the feature was introduced in prior beta builds, the app definitely gets aptitude to show or hide media from individual contact.

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Whatsapp now hides received media files from gallery
Precisely Media Visibility feature can be accessed by opening any contact's page on Whatsapp, there you'll find the feature and by clicking on it a new user interface opens up which lets you choose between "yes" or "No" for showing the download media in the gallery, you can also set your choice to "Default" which is the setting that applies to all the chats. 
The default has been present to yes, so unless you select "No" for a specific contact, Media will be visible in the gallery. To change the "Default-setting" you can head over to settings and then click on chats where you can check or uncheck the checkbox beside Media Visibility option.
Whatsapp now hides received media files from gallery

These feature is awesome if you love to keep your chats media sharing with a friend privately and secured from your gallery app, thuo the feature is currently limited to Whatsapp beta and precisely make its way to the stable version in short time.
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Red Dead Redemption 2.

The game everybody is waiting for to be lunch is now making it’s way to PC, Rockstar games is one of the biggest gaming studios, made widely famous for Producing games like Max Payne, GTA and many more.

Red Dead Redemption 2

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With the booming and success of GTA V which is doing very well, regards to all the updates that GTA online has been announced their next endeavor (Red Dead Redemption 2) Presently we have some more updates regarding to the game and PC gamers.

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The (Red Dead Redemption) franchise was released only on the consoles, of the previous generation only. Frequently players have been asking for a version to play on the PC software. For years now, Rockstar definitely never paid any attention to that.

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Red Dead Redemption 2

Now the (Red Dead Redemption 2) is vicinity with appealing for a PC part have been high as well. Parenthetical the recent statement are to be believed! The new game might be making it’s way to PC's subsequently.
The Rockstar Community who hunt. Easter Eggs in GTA V, we got Information that a developer for Rockstar games has evidently leaked the updates of (Red Dead Redemption 2) on PC. In his bio, the programmer has listed working on the game for PS4, Xbox one and PC, Onward with other games like GTA V and L.A.Noire.

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(Red Dead Redemption 2) for PS4 and Xbox one is set to release on October 26 and we won’t be amazed to see (Red Dead Redemption 2) on PC a year after that at the very least. Well the Rockstar Community previously used the same technique with GTA V and that worked pretty well for it.
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Intel Begins Producing (modem chips) for Apple's 2018 Iphones
 Intel begins producing modem chips for Apple's 2018 Iphones

Here we go one of the biggest valuables of Apple's mutual with Qualcomm has been Intel now packed the (modem chip) arranged for iPhones few years ago which was strengthened it's business ties with Apple.  While Android has Android P, Apple's has now Cooperate with Intel in building (modem chips).

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Currently, Intel has begun the production of the XMM 7560 (modem chips) for Apple's new series of iPhones to arrive later this year. On Nikkei Asian Interview, XMM 7560 (modem chips) are now in the process of being arrayed.... Intel's VP Asha Keddy quoted, he added that the XMM 7560 (modem chips) is a landmark as it is.
Its first with CDMA support meaning that iPhones accoutered with new Intel (modem chips) precisely be available on all major carriers. 

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Intel Begins Production of (modem chips) for Apple's 2018 Iphones

It was built on the 14nm process becoming the first (modem chips) by Intel to offer download speed of 1Gbps with support for 35 LTE bands. XMM 7560 (modem chips) is the first time Intel is producing the (modem chips) elevated. The company might not get 100% orders from Apple and might again have to share them with Qualcomm, but the future of Intel's Companionship with Apple surely works out as the company is also working with Apple to develop XMM 8000 series of 5G modems expected to opera in the iPhone series to arrive in 2019.
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FIFA 19 Review
 FIFA 19 Review

(FIFA 19) The Biggest Football game has finally picked up the license of UEFA Champions League from pro Evolution soccer for their (FIFA 19) franchise precisely EA sports has wasted no time, wow what an awesome thing, (FIFA 19) to feature the biggest competition for club football for the first time in the history of UEFA Champions League competition.

We got Information that (FIFA 19) will be released on September 28th 2018, Sequence time the new UEFA Champions League Season begins. UEFA as it's popularly known will feature all the star players and clubs in (FIFA 19).

FIFA 19 Review

According to the studio the, Competition will be Coordinated into every part of the game, intention that apart from the usual Competition mode, players can also get to experience the Competition during career modes as well and UEFA Champions League will also be present in FIFA Ultimate Team. 
EA sports also announced that FIFA's kick-off mode is being renovated, you can now play friendly matches with small teams of up to give a side. These games will be ranked players can also take on their friends on specific skills challenges. EA sports also will simulates specific body movements and mannerisms of players also been expanded which games first-touch system is said to be more realistic.

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FIFA 19 Review

EA sports also mentioned on rolling out of the free FIFA 2018 World Cup mode for FIFA 18 which enables players to get the chance to download and play both FIFA 18 along with the new update for a limited time across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

So we're expecting to hear more about the game from EA in the coming months, till then stay tuned.
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Install Android p Emojis fonts on Android device
Install android p emojis fonts on android.

Genuinely, Android p has the best iconic emojis and fonts on android device. Precisely now Google has  added a total number of 157 new emojis to OS with new update includes superhero, lama hot/cold face. So if you're still rocking old emojis & fonts  and would love to get these new Android p Emojis, Fonts on your android device. Regards to XDA's senior member Joeyhuab thither is now a Magisk module you will use to run these new Android p Emojis fonts on any Android device, just calm done and follow our guideline.

Note: We tried this method with Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android Oreo 8.0. Make sure your device is rooted with Magisk, if not download Magisk Here  and root your android device before you try this steps.

First download the Android p Emojis and Fonts Magisk Module Here for free on your android device.

Open up the Magisk manager, tap on the hamburger menu then tap on "modules"

Tap on the "+" icon down the screen, navigate to the folder you downloaded the Magisk Module to, and select that Android p Emojis fonts.

Magisk will now automatically start flashing the Android p Emojis fonts modules into your android device wait for it, once it done, tap on "Reboot" on your right hand bottom to reboot your android device.

You're up and running your Android p Emojis fonts has now installed on your android device.

Android p Emojis fonts Installed on your Android device.

Wow how is the Android p Emojis fonts? How beautiful it is in your Android device? Guess you're now falling more in love with your Android device. It was awesome on the Samsung Galaxy S8 running Oreo version. What about your Android device did the above method work for your device? Contact us or share your experiences and Opinions in the comments box down below.

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How To Set Up Your (Playstation controller) to your windows computer. 
set up your playstation controller on windows

Do you know? 90% of gamers around the world games with Playstation wireless controller. You know.., is awesome to game with wireless controller to feel all the vibrations shaking your hands when you rumbling with the fights on the games like God of war, Uncharted and The Witcher 3. You want to try yours now on your windows computer? Alright we’ll take that as yes, we’ll be showing you guideline you will use to set up your Playstation controller on your computer.
First of all make sure your computer has Bluetooth but if your computer does not have you will need an external Bluetooth to set up your (Playstation controller).  

Now Navigate to your control panel, move to your Hardware and Sound open it and click on devices and printers click on Add a device once you click on Add a device make sure your Playstation controller is on pairing mode.

Wait for some minutes for your windows computer to recognize the (Playstation controller) you may be be ask to put in password to pair with the Playstation controller input the password so it will continues with the installation, wait till its done pairing once it done, you’re up and running you have successfully Set up your (Playststion controller)  to your windows computer.

How To Set Up (Playstation controller) On Windows 10

If you’re using windows 10 and this guideline didn’t work for you? Then you going to use this set up. Now visit and download some drivers for (Playstation controller) into your windows, go to control panel move over to your devices and printers.
Plug in your (PlayStation controller) next thing to do is go back to your web browser, open up the folder you downloaded & extract those files to your computer.

After that open up that folder and go to bin, find (Scp driver.exe) and run as administrator, you make sure Bluetooth and configure service driver selected with force install too.
Once you done click install and it will install successfully, go back to your devices and printers, see your Playstation controller has been installed this guideline mostly works on PS3 controller.

We Hope these guidelines works for you if ain’t? contact us for more guidelines. 
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Basic Forex Rules 
 Basic Forex Rules

(Basic Forex Rules For Beginners) we’re here to talk to you about the (Basic Forex Rules) and this article goes to people who’s been training for a while who, are struggling and not making money the same rules apply.

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The first we've noticed even a beginner start they hear about robots all was click the button and turn around and is keep on making money for you that sold and work for a while then stop working because the robots are working with market stock once it falls your profits fall with it and it become big frustration so don’t use robots.

Basic Forex Rules

The Basic Rules you need to have that will be able to Spotify one trade shown on the picture up explain if your forex goes exactly like that, you’re doing good, you can trade in one hour using your larger time frames and trends & don’t look at smaller time frames. Don’t trade the news many times the price is been simulated into the move so wait till good signal forms then trade the signal but don’t trade the news  itself.

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Trade what you see not what you think learn to read the market and don’t over think things, this could be one of the biggest problem from many traders they over thinks. Instead of saying ok there is 5x round trade meter better stay out you don’t have to think much more than that but find trade in large time frames and go for it.

Now your Exits are more important than your entries an exits comes about with good money management and learn how to manage your trade and maybe willing to close a trade wither is winning or a losing, closing a winning trade with little profit is a better deal than closing a losing trade meanwhile loses all profits because you didn’t know when to get out but your mind insist you continue.

These is the (Basic Forex Rules For Beginners) and their other rules as well but these rules really gets your head on the right direction on forex trading platform.