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Personal computer Next Unit of Computing (NUC)

As the generation of people keeps changing everyday nowadays, their desires keep increasing and by desires their thinking keeps getting more and more advanced. In every person’s computer there is this one small issue of less storage or heating of CPU.

And after understanding this problem, the major software developer and security provider Intel experimented and developed the world’s smallest personal computer. It’s not a complete pc as it has critical components missing and lacks an OS. This is mainly developed for entertainment, data storing and storage purposes. As Intel declared the main goal of developing such computer is to showcase the efficiency of Core processors by placing them in a shockingly small enclosure.

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It is also known to be called as another type of smallest raspberry.

It has different specifications and various levels of modules developed. As it is completely small in size, it is totally in-expensive, uses low power and is seamless with its design. It is basically designed for doing small and emergency tasks like surfing on internet, accessing social media(web-based applications), listening to , listening to audio or video playback and for processing of documents. Intel recently developed its Hades Canyon mini-gaming PC with AMD RX Vega graphics. It is known to be Intel’s biggest NUC news of the year.

The personal mini computers come in two different forms, with the smaller one supporting M.2 SSDs and the little larger one both 2.5-inch SATA SSD and M.2. There are Core i3-8109U and Core i5-8259U models, but the only thing is that the one you really need is the $499 quad Core-i7 8559U. All pack four USB 3.0, one USB Type-C (which is included with Display Port 1.2) port, HDMI 2.0a and SATA 6.0 Gbps ports.

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Nokia 9 Review The Awaited Beast To be Launch by Nokia

Nokia recently tweeted about the launch of 'The Most Awaited Phone'. 

The tweet read,

 We are thrilled to bring you the Nokia smartphones event for one of the most awaited phones on Tuesday 21st August. Stay tuned for more!
along with the picture,

Source: Twitter

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Sadly, the company hasn’t given us any insights as to what the name of the phone could be, but since so much effort has been put into keeping the device's name a mystery, we are inclined to believe that it will probably be the Nokia 9.

Could Nokia 9 be the First Flagship to feature an In-Display Fingerprint and an Advanced Carl Zeiss Camera Solution?

From what we can relate to the Nokia 9 from this news by Nokia on it's Twitter page, we assume that it is powered by the Snapdragon 845 chipset. Although it is rumored that the Nokia 9 will be equipped with a 5.7-inch OLED screen, putting it in the same league as giants like the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9, but might not deliver an as impressive display quality.

However, a standout amongst Nokia 9's notable features is an in-display fingerprint scanner. Although Nokia 9 wouldn't be the first phone to feature such a sensor, it could be the phone to mark the entry of this feature in the market. The device obviously has a metallic body, but supposedly it will also have a water-resistant protection. The flagship is expected to release with a 3,800mAh battery.

All things considered, the phone's fate will depend upon it's camera. Due to it's high-end specifications, it is expected to have a high price tag. naturally, the consumer will expect an equal high quality camera. Since most of the phones in the market have a dual real camera system, it will be interesting to see if Nokia 9 leaps forward and past them. Nokia has been very secretive in providing any camera detail, so we will have to wait for the event on Tuesday. Although HMD Global has been known to pull off crazy features before, so a triple rear camera setup might not be out of the question.

Following the same pattern as the other Nokia branded phones from HMD Global, the Nokia 9 will probably be the less-bloated version of android and to add to the excitement, it could feature the Android Pie. Nevertheless, all information will officially be available on 21st August so be sure to check for more. What are your thoughts on the 'Most Awaited Phone' to be released on Tuesday? Could it be some other phone? Let us know in the comments below.
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Best music player apps for Android
 Best music player apps for Android

Let's talk about centuries ago, when music is so reverence, then people play songs with phonograph also called gramophone, polyphonic and turntable and record. All these music instruments which does no longer active in this 21st century precisely.

Welcome to 21st century where music has been taking to another level, with alot of smartphones and music gadgets present in the world now, we don't think you can find playing music troublesome. Let's just say that alot of people these days have transferred to some sort of music streaming service like (Pandora, Spotify, Apple music and Google play music). Though some folks out there sticks on to collections of media infer streaming isn't pretty good enough yet. So go ahead benevolently roo down to our list of best music app for android and get yourself a good music player for your android device if you don't have any.

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Player Pro Music Player

Player pro music player made it right on top of our list, it's just not an ordinary music player app but a hybrid media player app, with awesome looking layout that makes things easier to use along with colossal skins. You also get access for playing video which makes it a hybrid media player app, it supports HI-FI music up to 32-bit, 384KHZ and many more. The app is $4.99 but you can demo the app if you want before purchasing. 

Black player

Black player is simple and precision music player app. It operates on a tab structure but you can set the tabs you want to use on. It possess widgets, scribbling, an ID3 tag editor, themes and also has an equalizer for beats setup. The music app cost $3.29.

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Media Monkey

Well! we can say Media monkey is pretty a gigantic in the music player apps. It possess a vast of features like audio books, podcasts and has the aptitude to sort songs by things like composer instead of just artist. What makes this music app a gigantic one is the ability to sync your music library from your computer to your phone and back over WiFi. You can get the music app with just $2.49.


Poweramp is the top dog for android music player app users for long now. It has a glossy later with themes you get form Google play store. It has features, like playback features includes gapless playback, cross fade and supports distinct types of playlists, widgets, tag editing. You can get the music app with $3.99.

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Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle music player is a successfully popular music player app. Though the developer took some time off from updating the app a little bit. Who knows?! the developer wants to kill two birds with one stone, with the design laden music player with alot of options including six band EQ, gapless playback, support for embedded lyrics and enormous themes. The app cost only $2.49.

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Let's say that playing music these days is not a perplex thing, not like centuries ago when you don't have gramophone, or turntable & record and other music instruments then you can't play songs, but in the present world today all you need to do is grab your android device get into Google play store and get yourself a good music player app and enjoy your music anytime, anywhere you want. 
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Image source: Weibo

Oppo, an ever improvising smartphone brand has announced the launch date of its recently unveiled model R17.

According to oppo's official weibo account, the smartphone is said to be launched on 23rd of august, 2018. The pre-booking of the phone begins from August 18.

Talking about the design, the body features a very tiny notch in the centre, giving it a 86.7% of screen-to-body ratio.
The bezels are almost invisible and it features a small chin as well. The back is inspired by the samsung note series.

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The phone undoubtedly is a flagship killer phone featuring a big 6'4 inch  1080*2280 AMOLED screen with gorilla glass 6, 8GB of RAM, 16mp + 20mp rear facing dual camera with dual led light and a 25 mp selfie camera in the front.

It also features a 3500 mah battery to support its powerful snapdragon 670 processor. There is no change in the terms of OS as compared to its other brother Oppo find x. They both feature Color os android 8.1 oreo.

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However, the things that make this smartphone so special are it's VOOC fast charging technology and it's in-display finger print scanner.

The phone is expected to be priced at £460

Image source: weibo
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Nvidia to unveil the new Turing-based GPU 'RTX 2080'
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080

At the ongoing SIGGRAPH 2018 Keynote, Nvidia revealed their new Turing Architecture for GPUs. This will supposedly bring numerous new advances which incorporates GDDR6 Memory, Tensor Cores, Real-Time Ray Tracing, AI-improved Deep Learning Anti Aliasing known as DLAA and significantly more. Also, for the next-gen GeForce GPUs, we at long last appear to have a name - RTX 2080. 

The SIGGRAPH 2018 Keynote was engaged towards content designers, yet the presentation of the Turing Architecture gives us numerous new bits of knowledge about what new highlights and innovations would be actualized in the Turing-based RTX 2080 GPU. Let's find out more on the same.

Nvidia to unveil the new Turing-based GPU 'RTX 2080' in it's next event in Cologne on August 20th 2018

A new teaser video by Nvidia named 'Be For The Game' was recently released- it starts with the unboxing of a Nvidia GPU, proceeding to showcase a bunch of high-end gaming rigs and gamers booting up their setups, inviting their friends to play. The teaser ends with hashtag #BeForTheGame and insights of Nvidia's next event, being held on August 20th 2018 in Cologne.

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Why the name- RTX 2080?

A few insights are available in the video that affirm this name. The usernames of the gamers in various parts of the video were AlanaT Mac-20, Eight-Tee, Not11 and RoyTeX, and in the final section of the video, the dates additionally fly up such that the numbers 2, 0, 8 and 0 come up one by one. All these are indicating the way that the new top of the line GeForce GPU will be called RTX 2080 and will highlight the Turing Architecture. A fun teaser you have there, Nvidia. And so we have a name!

Nvidia reportedly registered GeForce RTX, Quadro RTX and TURING Trademarks recently, so it appears to be likely that they're abandoning the GTX Branding. It also appears the lower-end 2050 and 2060 GPUs will hold the GTX brand, and they won't utilize the Real-Time Ray Tracing innovation.

How The Quadro RTX Professional GPUs could be pertinent to the Turing-based GeForce RTX GPUs expected for Gaming- All the new innovations that accompany it

Quadro RTX GPUs are utilized as a part of intense graphical computing tasks, and they're basically utilized in film making, architectures and automobile designers, and for representation of scientific data. We can't be certain which technology will be used in the GeForce products of the Turing Architecture GPUs, yet the new Quadro RTX GPUs will utilize all these new features and advancements -

The NVIDIA Quadro RTX Family Specification Sheet - Image from

Vice President of Professional Visualization at NVIDIABob Pette said,
Quadro RTX marks the launch of a new era for the global computer graphics industry. Users can now enjoy powerful capabilities that weren’t expected to be available for at least five more years. Designers and artists can interact in real time with their complex designs and visual effects in ray-traced photo-realistic detail. And film studios and production houses can now realize increased throughput with their rendering workloads, leading to significant time and cost savings.

RTX 2080 better than Titan V?

Wccftech presented the leaked benchmark of Ashes of the Singularity. The leaked benchmark is utilizing the Core i7-6850K and a unidentified 'NVIDIA Graphics Device' on DirectX 12. The settings were pushed to the limit and the scores which we're seeing here are beating Titan V! These scores shouldn't be conceivable by any existing GPU and the graphics card seems to be Turing-based.

Benchmark Score of Ashes of the Singularity- Image from

This benchmark, if done on the RTX 2080 or some other Turing GPU, utilized early drivers. The GPU was probably an early prototype as well. Considering these things the execution is still marvelous and I expect the final version with upgraded drivers and updates to run much better.

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The new features and technologies utilized in the Turing engineering are hands-down astonishing. Nvidia's recent teaser video on YouTube and their subtle insights are surely hinting to something big happening, and I'm exceptionally eager to perceive what sort of performance improvements could be carried with the Turing Architecture for Gaming.

New Turing Architecture versus Older Pascal Architecture – Image from

August 20th, 2018 – The date approaches.What are your thoughts on RTX 2080 and the Turing Architecture? Will NVIDIA DLAA move toward becoming mainstrem? Let's discuss this in the comments.
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The new blue whale challenge

Over the past few years we have experienced huge leaps and bounds in the aspects of technology. This technology has made our lives easier than ever, without having the need to do much.

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Likewise, there is no doubt that the technology is a blessing to the mankind.But there is also the downside of it, apart from making us lazy. Many people misuse this digital platform and add a dark side to it. One such incident was the Blue whale challenge which had taken the internet by rage and fear. But, thanks to the law and legal system, that took care of it before it could cause further damage.
However, a new such incident had come to light when users received messages from a US number with a profile picture of a disturbing women with eye balls popping out and an unusual frightening smile on her face. The account asks the victim to play the momo challenge. It includes barbarian activities like drinking your own blood, chopping off your finger etc. Denying upon which the victim gets death threats, video calls and disturbing audios.
According to sources, the disturbing women's image used by the momo account  is the artwork called Mother Bird by Link Factory  inspired by the work of a Japanese artist Midori Hayashi, who has no association with the challenge.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallpapers
 Samsung Galaxy note 9 wallpapers

It's obvious that not everyone can afford one grand ($1000) for a smartphone, precisely the samsung galaxy note 9 came with cumbersome price tag packed with smartwatch and the samsung wireless charger duo able to charge two devices at the same time.

So if you love the samsung galaxy note 9 Wallpapers layout and don't have a $1000 to make it yours..... don't worry we have all the wallpapers ready for you but before we drop the link we have to  finalize the $1000 Wallpapers.
The samsung galaxy note 9 wallpapers has different sets of colors with screen resolution of 2,560x2,560 which gives any device awesome scrolling effect precisely when sliding from one home screen panel to another.
Samsung galaxy note 9 wallpapers will look good, nice and awesome on any device. Though we tested them on device with Quad HD plus resolution and looks good on non Quad HD plus resolution too.

Get yours in Zip using the banner below.

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Samsung wireless charger Duo

Samsung has upgraded they portfolio in tech world with the galaxy note 9 and the galaxy smartwatch which is the center of attraction in tech stores now. We got info stated that the company also spent time discussing about the evolution of it's smart assistant Bixby and also a new smart speaker that gives voice to Bixby 2.0.
Though with these....the one that draws & captures more attention is the samsung wireless charger duo, this hardware charges two devices at ditto time. So it is available at USA for price range of $120 and comes with sets of colors.

Samsung wireless charger Duo has variant sets in charging it can either charge Smartphone or smartwatch, precisely it can also charge any device supporting wireless charging, you can use the Samsung wireless charger Duo to charge iPhone 8 & iPhone x and prior Samsung Galaxy S5 & S6, relevantly charge Gear S3 & Gear sport.
The Samsung wireless charger Duo is pretty too expensive but if you're ready to spend $1000 on the new galaxy note 9!..we believe the wireless charger Duo price tag won't be pain in the ass for your wallet. You can order yours on Amazon.

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Fortnite game compatible Android devices

It's an awesome thing that android game developers has made it distinct that you can game with your android phone without bothering getting a console, with the satisfaction of high end games like GTA, Walking Dead, PUBG and now Fortnite is here to join the crew. The compatible android devices has been revealed by Epic Games and the list devices should run a quad core chip and 3GB of RAM. Though some android devices were left behind on playing the world most popular game (Fortnite), devices like Infinix, Gionee and some other Chinese devices. So here is the list of badass android device that will run the game comfortably without lagging.

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Razer Phone

Xiaomi Black Shark

ASUS ZenFone 4 Pro 

Huawei P10/P10 plus

LG G5/G6/V20/V30 plus

Nokia 6

Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL

Motorola Moto Z2 Play/Moto G5/G5 plus

Motorola Moto E4 Plus

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Huawei Mate 10/10 pro/10 lite/ Mate 9/9 pro

Huawei P9 lite/ P8 lite (2017)

Sony Xperia XZ/XZS/XZ1

Sony Xperia XA1/XA1 Ultra/XA1 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 plus/Galaxy S9/S9 plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)/A7 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (2017)/J7 Pro (2017)

These are the android devices to run fortnite mobile. we got info that devices with low specs runs the game, if so then the chances are good that these missing devices on the list will run the game too. Though these list of devices mentioned above is ones listed on fortnite website Compatible for the game for now but will be expecting more devices soon.

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We believe you'll be wondering where the almighty Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is not in the list right? That's ok let's get your mind straight, the fortnite will be coming out on Galaxy Note 9 as a timed exclusive, which will take up to 30 days for the release on Galaxy Note 9. So if you're using or pre-ordering Galaxy Note 9 Go ahead you have nothing to fear the device will run fortnite mobile comfortably.

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Is your device on the list? Do you think your device will play fortnite mobile? Roolie check out the list and know where your device convey on.
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Apple dual-sim iPhone models 

Oh yes!!, According to the news from Apple company that they'll be launching next generation dual-sim iPhone models with the superb owl in the world of technology. They'll be a trine of iPhones launching this fall. Oh yes!! With Variant inches 6.1-inch, 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED models.

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According to the report from Taiwan's United Daily news, the new sport LCD iPhone to support dual-sim feature. Thuo the dual-sim won't be avail in some countries like India but will be in stock for Chinese Tech shoppers. 

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Apple dual-sim iPhone models
The second sim grieve status thuo it is in the list of new features in IOS 12 developer beta 5. The new version was found to have a component called dual-sim device to suggest the development of a dual sim iPhone model and has a budget price. 
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Lenovo legion y7000p specs and price
 Lenovo legion y7000p specs,price

The Beast is here lenovo legion y7000p. The gaming PC comes with a 144hz display 8th Gen Intel processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics with these fantastic features packed, has proved the comparison between PC Gaming and Console Gaming a one step forward for PC gamers. This beast  makes your gaming experience more fantastic.

The legion y7000p comes with a 15.6 inch full HD IPS display and awe design, the front panel features 6.7mm thin side bezel on three sides.

The gaming beast powered 8th Gen Intel core i5-8300H processor which can be upgraded to 8th Gen Intel core i7-8750H processor with different RAM and storage options. The gaming PC price ranges from 8699 Yuan which is $1272.

The lenovo legion y7000p comes in four variants:

Core i5-8300H/8G memory/GTX 1050Ti graphics card/128GB SSD+1TB HDD.
Core i5-8300H/8G memory/ GTX 1060 6GB graphics card/ 512GB SSD.
Core i7-8750H/8G memory/ GTX 1060 6GB graphics card/ 512GB SSD.
Core i7-8750H/16G memory/ GTX 1060 6GB graphics card/ 512GB SSD + 2TB HDD.

Legion y7000p is a superb gaming laptop and the best gaming PC the company has ever produced.
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Best Android Apps From July 2018
 Android apps

And here goes the best new Android apps of 2018 so far. You can also see the best rooting apps of 2018, alright.. let's go on with the list....

Instagram Lite

With the smart unladen social app named (Instagram lite) precisely works perfectly like facebook lite. It packs a slenderly supernumerary minimal UI. Thuo you might not get the full Instagram experience but at list it's free you don't need to exhaust any money to get it.

KIWI Browser 

Here comes another eminent, outstanding browser, it functions with Chromium as a code base and precisely works like Google Chrome. So if you're an internet adherent and needs something lighter, we believe this is a good browser to get on with.

Moment Pro Camera

Wow!.. I rose Anderson can't imagine how sweet I look when my friend used this app on me yesterday it was awesome!!. Thuo it is a rare new camera app that is very popular in iOS. It comes with a definite features, which doesn't change anything moment pro camera app is awesome!!.

new android apps 2018

Spotify Lite 

Here's another booming lite app working absolutely fine like facebook lite and Instagram lite. It also packs a slenderly supernumerary simpler UI with entire tighter experience. With a bang-up description from play-store, we believe this app worth it all.

Calculator Plus 

And now the calculation comes in the list and so simple to operate especially in the basic satay like arithmetic, trigonometric & algebraic functions, also will be given you results up to 10 decimal places. The app is free and fast in calculation which made it one of the best.

new android apps 2018

Definitely that's alot of new apps out there making their way to the top list but for these five apps listed above are the best, simple & lighter apps on Android for now. However? We'll wait and see the ones that will make it to the list.
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Best Android Games 
 Best android games

And here we go again with the colossal awe upcoming Android games, indeed 2018 is an astonish year on the aspect of the extravagant games  coming out both on playstation and Xbox consoles. If you're playstation adherent you can check out the Top 10 Games Coming To Playstation 4 2018 or see the 5 Stunning PlayStation Games Launched. Now a vast of racing, action, strategy and Adventure games coming on Android games like (fortnite:Battle Royal) one of the biggest game in the world right now is coming straight to play-store for Android devices. 

Fortnite: Battle Royale

That's right the world biggest game is topping the list fortnite is a third person action shooter battle royale game. The game is all about when 100 unarmed players gathers together and drops them into an island adding stochastical generated guns, ammo and equipment. Now the battle begins everyone fights to survive the storm they have to kill themselves just to survive build shelters and towers and get ready for the storm. The game is already out on PC, Mac, Xbox one, PS4 and iOS, making it's way to Android Device soon.

Assassin's Creed Rebellion

Assassin's Creed is back with a superb strategy game named Rebellion. The game takes place in Spain, there in Spain you will control a fortress of Assassin Brotherhood, leading a team of Assassins. Along the line you will team up with more than 40 characters then you have to train and Upgrade them, then send them on a mission all around Spain.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a role playing game. You will possess the role of one of the members of the blades, who was being forced into exile must restore their home from the rubble. The game would be coming out anytime and precisely the game is already listed on the play-store so expect the game soon.

Harry Potter: Wizard Unite

Harry Potter: Wizard Unite is another astonishing upcoming AR game developed with companionship with Warner Bros. In the game the players will learn spells, fight legendary & mysterious beasts, you have to team up with others to take down powerful enemies.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

And here it is the game everybody is waiting for is here. The most popular game The Walking Dead The Final Season. The game brought back the  third season when frontier ended with Clementine going out to look for AJ in the last season, now the story will revolve around what happens when she finds him, According to the developers, players will also be able to shape Clementine's future by making decisions about who she wants to be with and more. 

F1 Mobile Racing

And now the race is here with the superb Asphalt 9: legends Launched been the best racing game on Android the code masters has teamed up with Eden Games in developing a mobile version of it's formula 1 game Officially named F1 mobile Racing, the game will pack loads of teams, cars and circuits of the 2018 formula 1 Championship and if you're a racing game adherent you won't resist to try this game when it arrives.

PayDay: Crime War

PayDay Crime war is one of the popular first person shooter on consoles and PC, now is coming to play-store for Android Device and it is a multiplayer game where two teams go across each other. One team possess the role of criminal acts and the other team steps into the shoes of SWAT to prevent the criminal acts. 


The action adventure game revolve around a lazy, greedy viking called oddmar who is on a mission to burn down a forest and if he fails, he may be kicked out of his tribe. Oh Eek!!!. The game is out on iOS and have received great reviews so far thuo the game takes $5 out from your pocket for iOS & will soon be on Android who knows how much it will cost then...

Project Cars Go 

Hell yeah!! Project Cars is a popular racing game released on Xbox one, PS4 and PC, now deliberating to an Android devices named Project Cars Go, it packs loads of exotic & expensive cars with alot Of Customizing options vividly like the PC and Console Versions.

Brawl Stars 

Brawl Stars under striping upcoming Android game. It is multiplayer combat game where teams of three face off against each other. We got info that the game cruised in a few countries but will be officially be out globally soon.

So these is our list of best upcoming games heading over to Android device, I went on a trip yesterday in Nottingham city Uk, I met my mom friend in a mobile store were she bought an Android tablets for her children, her children was in the state being tranquil with their tablets racing in Asphalt 9 legends perfectly. it was a pleasant scene for me and I decided to share it with my team over here in Erudipedia.