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Whatsapp now hides received media files from gallery

Wow! What an Amazing features launched in Whatsapp like label on forwarded messages and aptitude to record longer voice chats without grasping the record icon.
Presently Whatsapp added another feature known as "Media Visibility" this feature helps you to hide received media from your gallery, this feature has been equiped in the new updated Whatsapp, perhaps is not something many users knew about.
With the updated Whatsapp beta (version 2.18.195) it allows you to hide images, videos and audio received in Whatsapp initial from the phone's default gallery app. Although the feature was introduced in prior beta builds, the app definitely gets aptitude to show or hide media from individual contact.

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Whatsapp now hides received media files from gallery
Precisely Media Visibility feature can be accessed by opening any contact's page on Whatsapp, there you'll find the feature and by clicking on it a new user interface opens up which lets you choose between "yes" or "No" for showing the download media in the gallery, you can also set your choice to "Default" which is the setting that applies to all the chats. 
The default has been present to yes, so unless you select "No" for a specific contact, Media will be visible in the gallery. To change the "Default-setting" you can head over to settings and then click on chats where you can check or uncheck the checkbox beside Media Visibility option.
Whatsapp now hides received media files from gallery

These feature is awesome if you love to keep your chats media sharing with a friend privately and secured from your gallery app, thuo the feature is currently limited to Whatsapp beta and precisely make its way to the stable version in short time.
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Red Dead Redemption 2.

The game everybody is waiting for to be lunch is now making it’s way to PC, Rockstar games is one of the biggest gaming studios, made widely famous for Producing games like Max Payne, GTA and many more.

Red Dead Redemption 2

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With the booming and success of GTA V which is doing very well, regards to all the updates that GTA online has been announced their next endeavor (Red Dead Redemption 2) Presently we have some more updates regarding to the game and PC gamers.

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The (Red Dead Redemption) franchise was released only on the consoles, of the previous generation only. Frequently players have been asking for a version to play on the PC software. For years now, Rockstar definitely never paid any attention to that.

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Red Dead Redemption 2

Now the (Red Dead Redemption 2) is vicinity with appealing for a PC part have been high as well. Parenthetical the recent statement are to be believed! The new game might be making it’s way to PC's subsequently.
The Rockstar Community who hunt. Easter Eggs in GTA V, we got Information that a developer for Rockstar games has evidently leaked the updates of (Red Dead Redemption 2) on PC. In his bio, the programmer has listed working on the game for PS4, Xbox one and PC, Onward with other games like GTA V and L.A.Noire.

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(Red Dead Redemption 2) for PS4 and Xbox one is set to release on October 26 and we won’t be amazed to see (Red Dead Redemption 2) on PC a year after that at the very least. Well the Rockstar Community previously used the same technique with GTA V and that worked pretty well for it.
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Intel Begins Producing (modem chips) for Apple's 2018 Iphones
 Intel begins producing modem chips for Apple's 2018 Iphones

Here we go one of the biggest valuables of Apple's mutual with Qualcomm has been Intel now packed the (modem chip) arranged for iPhones few years ago which was strengthened it's business ties with Apple.  While Android has Android P, Apple's has now Cooperate with Intel in building (modem chips).

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Currently, Intel has begun the production of the XMM 7560 (modem chips) for Apple's new series of iPhones to arrive later this year. On Nikkei Asian Interview, XMM 7560 (modem chips) are now in the process of being arrayed.... Intel's VP Asha Keddy quoted, he added that the XMM 7560 (modem chips) is a landmark as it is.
Its first with CDMA support meaning that iPhones accoutered with new Intel (modem chips) precisely be available on all major carriers. 

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Intel Begins Production of (modem chips) for Apple's 2018 Iphones

It was built on the 14nm process becoming the first (modem chips) by Intel to offer download speed of 1Gbps with support for 35 LTE bands. XMM 7560 (modem chips) is the first time Intel is producing the (modem chips) elevated. The company might not get 100% orders from Apple and might again have to share them with Qualcomm, but the future of Intel's Companionship with Apple surely works out as the company is also working with Apple to develop XMM 8000 series of 5G modems expected to opera in the iPhone series to arrive in 2019.
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FIFA 19 Review
 FIFA 19 Review

(FIFA 19) The Biggest Football game has finally picked up the license of UEFA Champions League from pro Evolution soccer for their (FIFA 19) franchise precisely EA sports has wasted no time, wow what an awesome thing, (FIFA 19) to feature the biggest competition for club football for the first time in the history of UEFA Champions League competition.

We got Information that (FIFA 19) will be released on September 28th 2018, Sequence time the new UEFA Champions League Season begins. UEFA as it's popularly known will feature all the star players and clubs in (FIFA 19).

FIFA 19 Review

According to the studio the, Competition will be Coordinated into every part of the game, intention that apart from the usual Competition mode, players can also get to experience the Competition during career modes as well and UEFA Champions League will also be present in FIFA Ultimate Team. 
EA sports also announced that FIFA's kick-off mode is being renovated, you can now play friendly matches with small teams of up to give a side. These games will be ranked players can also take on their friends on specific skills challenges. EA sports also will simulates specific body movements and mannerisms of players also been expanded which games first-touch system is said to be more realistic.

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FIFA 19 Review

EA sports also mentioned on rolling out of the free FIFA 2018 World Cup mode for FIFA 18 which enables players to get the chance to download and play both FIFA 18 along with the new update for a limited time across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

So we're expecting to hear more about the game from EA in the coming months, till then stay tuned.
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Install Android p Emojis fonts on Android device
Install android p emojis fonts on android.

Genuinely, Android p has the best iconic emojis and fonts on android device. Precisely now Google has  added a total number of 157 new emojis to OS with new update includes superhero, lama hot/cold face. So if you're still rocking old emojis & fonts  and would love to get these new Android p Emojis, Fonts on your android device. Regards to XDA's senior member Joeyhuab thither is now a Magisk module you will use to run these new Android p Emojis fonts on any Android device, just calm done and follow our guideline.

Note: We tried this method with Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android Oreo 8.0. Make sure your device is rooted with Magisk, if not download Magisk Here  and root your android device before you try this steps.

First download the Android p Emojis and Fonts Magisk Module Here for free on your android device.

Open up the Magisk manager, tap on the hamburger menu then tap on "modules"

Tap on the "+" icon down the screen, navigate to the folder you downloaded the Magisk Module to, and select that Android p Emojis fonts.

Magisk will now automatically start flashing the Android p Emojis fonts modules into your android device wait for it, once it done, tap on "Reboot" on your right hand bottom to reboot your android device.

You're up and running your Android p Emojis fonts has now installed on your android device.

Android p Emojis fonts Installed on your Android device.

Wow how is the Android p Emojis fonts? How beautiful it is in your Android device? Guess you're now falling more in love with your Android device. It was awesome on the Samsung Galaxy S8 running Oreo version. What about your Android device did the above method work for your device? Contact us or share your experiences and Opinions in the comments box down below.

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How To Set Up Your (Playstation controller) to your windows computer. 
set up your playstation controller on windows

Do you know? 90% of gamers around the world games with Playstation wireless controller. You know.., is awesome to game with wireless controller to feel all the vibrations shaking your hands when you rumbling with the fights on the games like God of war, Uncharted and The Witcher 3. You want to try yours now on your windows computer? Alright we’ll take that as yes, we’ll be showing you guideline you will use to set up your Playstation controller on your computer.
First of all make sure your computer has Bluetooth but if your computer does not have you will need an external Bluetooth to set up your (Playstation controller).  

Now Navigate to your control panel, move to your Hardware and Sound open it and click on devices and printers click on Add a device once you click on Add a device make sure your Playstation controller is on pairing mode.

Wait for some minutes for your windows computer to recognize the (Playstation controller) you may be be ask to put in password to pair with the Playstation controller input the password so it will continues with the installation, wait till its done pairing once it done, you’re up and running you have successfully Set up your (Playststion controller)  to your windows computer.

How To Set Up (Playstation controller) On Windows 10

If you’re using windows 10 and this guideline didn’t work for you? Then you going to use this set up. Now visit and download some drivers for (Playstation controller) into your windows, go to control panel move over to your devices and printers.
Plug in your (PlayStation controller) next thing to do is go back to your web browser, open up the folder you downloaded & extract those files to your computer.

After that open up that folder and go to bin, find (Scp driver.exe) and run as administrator, you make sure Bluetooth and configure service driver selected with force install too.
Once you done click install and it will install successfully, go back to your devices and printers, see your Playstation controller has been installed this guideline mostly works on PS3 controller.

We Hope these guidelines works for you if ain’t? contact us for more guidelines. 
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Basic Forex Rules 
 Basic Forex Rules

(Basic Forex Rules For Beginners) we’re here to talk to you about the (Basic Forex Rules) and this article goes to people who’s been training for a while who, are struggling and not making money the same rules apply.

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The first we've noticed even a beginner start they hear about robots all was click the button and turn around and is keep on making money for you that sold and work for a while then stop working because the robots are working with market stock once it falls your profits fall with it and it become big frustration so don’t use robots.

Basic Forex Rules

The Basic Rules you need to have that will be able to Spotify one trade shown on the picture up explain if your forex goes exactly like that, you’re doing good, you can trade in one hour using your larger time frames and trends & don’t look at smaller time frames. Don’t trade the news many times the price is been simulated into the move so wait till good signal forms then trade the signal but don’t trade the news  itself.

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Trade what you see not what you think learn to read the market and don’t over think things, this could be one of the biggest problem from many traders they over thinks. Instead of saying ok there is 5x round trade meter better stay out you don’t have to think much more than that but find trade in large time frames and go for it.

Now your Exits are more important than your entries an exits comes about with good money management and learn how to manage your trade and maybe willing to close a trade wither is winning or a losing, closing a winning trade with little profit is a better deal than closing a losing trade meanwhile loses all profits because you didn’t know when to get out but your mind insist you continue.

These is the (Basic Forex Rules For Beginners) and their other rules as well but these rules really gets your head on the right direction on forex trading platform.
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Detroit Become Human Game Review
 Detroit Become Human Game Review

Detroit Become Human, the next game from David Cage and Quantic Dream, to be Launch on may 25th, this Stunning Action-adventure game has made a persistently topic on social media.

(Detroit Become Human) looks phenomenon and definitely going to change the development in Quantic Dream video games. (Detroit Become Human) is a new world story set in the future where civilization is made up Human & Android, the android looks like human but android are identify by the blue marks on the side of their head & blue banding on their clothing.

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Human live their life’s in harmony for years enslaving android to do all the works, till the android start developing strange behaviours start leaving their duties human gives them, start commiting suicide which is weird how the machine do that.

Detroit Become Human Game Review

The idea behind the (Detroit Become Human) originated with the short video from Quantic Dream an android called (Kara) Philip Sheppard, Kara is an android been developed in android manufacturing site and at the end of the show Kara leaves manufacturing site & alot of people then began to ask what happened to Kara.

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(Detroit Become Human) is an Amazing game the way you play the game will determine the out come of situation for example your android thinks smartly which gives you more clue and you decide through your actions & choices to shape the story.

Detroit Become Human Game Review

In (Detroit Become Human) they’re three main playerable character (Philip Sheppard for (Kara) who’s more than android that escaped from manufacturing site (Nima Fakhrara for (Connor) an advance android dictative bringing justice to the city of Detroit  and (John Paesano for (Markus) who’s the powerful android and the leader of android Revolution who wants to free all androids humans kept slave. Precisely each playerable character in the game is mostly android, you will be playing with connor dictative, you will investigate crimes, where you will need to rescue the hostage but first you need to ensure you have all evidence & clue to support your confrontation with the define android, you will roam around the apartment check all the evidence, found what happened the more you found clue & evidence the more your probablity of success will be. 

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You will leave to choose right or wrong which involves on the out come success of the game, Connor has to find out why many android are turning bad when they’re not program that way. Then we have Markus android Revolution leader capable of changing their mind by just torture them, it turns bad when androids start destroying things in the city of Detroit, police show off and start killing the android, now Markus is left with choice of fighting back the humans to free all androids this brought Revolution and Connor & Kara has to choose side to fight with Markus to free the androids Or Kara & Connor to find out the truth the reason why the android become corrupt.

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(Detroit Become Human) is going to be a master piece of game virtual on the game play that will be over gamble and will be story that changes the choice you make forever in the game.
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How To Download Video On Facebook

Have you wanted to download a video on Facebook, but couldn't figure out how? roaming around on your Facebook app looking for where the download button is or how to store it in your device? It feels woeful when you get encounter with a video you'll like to download on Facebook  but you don't know how.

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So, how do you download a video on Facebook and upload it to other places? We'll show you how below.

How To Download Video On Facebook

Firstly navigate to the video you want to download go to option copy the video link and get ready to download.

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There are many online websites that allow you to download a Facebook video without annexing unnecessary software to your device.

So we're going to list out the 5 websites you're going to download  free videos in HD format.

Guidelines for Downloading videos on Facebook

First copy the video link from Facebook or any social media visit these sites we listed and paste  the page source on the website then you choose the resolution you want the video to be then you download.  Is that really that simple? What about you? Have you tried this? Guess this article is for you.

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5 Best Rooting Apps For Android 2018 

 Rooting apps 2018

Rooting your device is a surpass thing to do if you're willing to execute tricks and installing iconic apps, Using un-rooted device is like traveling without your camera, when you need to capture good moments, that's how un-rooted device is, you can't enjoy and get access to games & apps like AdAway Review Install, Quick Boot (Reboot) Review Install, System App Remover, SDFix: KitKat Writable MicroSD, DiskDigger, SuperSU, Titanium Backup and many more. So for you to access any android gadgets in your android device you need to get it rooted, how will you do that? by trying out the best rooting apps we're intent to list.

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Rooting apps Of 2018

KingRoot is one of the best iconic rooting app it enables you to root your Android device or tablet in one click. when you've tried all rooting apps they fail, try KingRoot and you will not be thwart,It supports Android 2.3 up to Android 7.0. Get it Here

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IRoot is another superb root software created by Chinese people, it's mainly used in Chinese Android & tablet device. Just one click and your device will be enliven. Get it Here

Towel root is another excellent rooting gadget George GeoHot made this superb rooting app. TowelRoot hit the web with its new exploit and ability to Root Android device with ease. Get it Here

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Root Master
Root Master is one of the famous rooting app,  presently a lot of people prefer Root Master over other apps.  its sober user interface is awesome, The app has no bloatware, no ads, simplest and easy to use. forthy is fast in rooting any Android device. Get it Here

Android rooting apps of 2018

Framaroot is another booming rooting app Since the launch of Framaroot, most of the Android users prefer it over other rooting apk. Most of the times it can root any Android device with an open bootloader. Get it Here

With these rooting apps you'll get aid on how to carry out tricks on your device and access to all apps.
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PS3 Emulator
PS3 is basically a disc-based system, but utilizes Blu-ray discs which provides more storage capacity for multi-channel audio and HD graphics  We’ve discovered a perfect PS3 emulator honored RPCS3 that proves that PS3 emulation on PC is highly possible and capable to run over 1800 PS3 games, i.e Demon’s souls, God Of War, Uncharted, Persona 5 and many more. You can visit RPCS3 games compatibility to see the list of compatible PS3 games been tested & played with RPSC3 Emulator.

Heading over to the RPCS3-PS3 Emulator we’re going to teach you how to set up RPCS3-PS3 Emulator on your PC and guide you through all the necessary settings on everything you need to know on installing RPCS3-PS3 Emulator on your PC.

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  • Intel Quad-core, AMD Hexa-core or any X64 CPU processor
  • Vulkan Compatible AMD, Nvidia card or OpenGL 4.3 GPU
  • A minimum of 4GB RAM, 8GB or More 
  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit or Linux 64-bit
  • PlayStation 3 .PUP system update file
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable
  • Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime
  • A self-dumped PlayStation 3 game
  • A USB controller

Alright now move over to your Desktop view and gets things started, the first thing you need to do is install the emulator itself visit RPCS3 Emulator click on the download link  then save it in your Desktop, Once it has downloaded.

Go back to your Desktop and create a new folder name it (RPSC3) and move the download files inside. 

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Then open the folder right-click on the files and extract using your extraction software, once you’re done extracting move the zip file back to your Desktop.

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Go back to your browser visit PS3 system update download the PS3 system software and save it into the RPCS3 folder you previously created.

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Next thing you need to do navigate back to your RPSC3 folder and launch RPSC3, click on (I have read (Quick start) guide & Do not show again) that will be display on your screen and click continue.

The next thing you need to do is go up to file, come to install Firmware and select that file you downloaded ( PS3 UPDATE.PUP) click open and it will now install the new system Firmware into your emulator.

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Now you have successful install PS3 Firmware, move to configuration setting if you wish, there you can do some configuration. you’re done configuring save it and load a game, navigate to file inside RPSC3, click on boot game, select any of the PS3 game you’ve on your Desktop and you’re up and running, you’re now ready to rumble with PS3 games on your PC.
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Gaming with Android phone is exceptional these days, presently!, gaming console is now immense for gamers, you can't envision gaming with Android while games like far cry 5, Witcher 3 and God of war is out on consoles that makes you instigated & definitely deviate your mind and hurl your Android phone away.
Thuo a gaming console is not that cheap to order, which makes a convolute situation for amateur gamers, so if you're unable to purchase a gaming console, you still have a good HD games you don't need to miss to play on your Android phone.

We had priorly, listed The Best-action-adventure-games-for-android-phone you can check them out if you really want to engage yourself with real adventures. Are you Looking for HD games on Android that gives you good graphics and sounds precisely like your console or PC does? Then you need to try these games we're about to list.


1-Grand theft (All Series)

2-Gangstar New Orleans

3-Iron Blade Medieval

4-The Jade Empire

5-Telltales Guardians of the Galaxy

6-World War Heroes

7-Eisenorn Xenos

8-Galaxy On Fire 3 MANTICORE

9-1979 Revolution

10-NBA 2K16-17

11-Epic Of Kings

12-Lords Of The Fallen

13-Modern Combat Versus

14-Telltale's Batman


16-Space Marshalls 1&2


18-NFS most wanted

19-Shadowgun Legends

20-Black Dessert

21-Nimian Legends
22-Infinite Tanks

23-Injustice God's Amongst Us 2

24-Ayo: A rain tail

25-Lineage 2: Revolution

26-Yesterday ORIGINS

27-Dark Avenger 3


29-FIFA 16

30-Reckless Racing 3

31-Rivals At Warfire Fight

32-Noblemen 1896

33-Radiation City

34-MadOut 1&2

35-Max Payne


37-1979 Revolution

38-Fahrenheit indigo prophecy


40-300 Spartan

41-Game of Thrones

42-The Wolf Among Us

43-Gods of Rome

44-Fighting Tiger

45-Taminator Genesys: Guardian

46-Frontline Commando:D-DAY

47-Brothers in Arms (All Series)

48-The Walking Dead (All Series)


50-Bullet Force

They're alot of other HD games like Bladeslinger, Shadow Guardian, Resident Evil 5, Adventure of TinTin, Brothers:A Tale Of Two Brothers and Modern combat(All Series). we've just listed the ones that you can't get fed up on playing.
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How To Remove Pink Line Display On Galaxy S7 edge Screen
How to remove pink line display on galaxy s7 edge screen

Samsung Company been the one of the iconic company in history, in production on gadgets and home utilities heading over to they Smartphone series like Galaxy s series of high end Smartphones, the Galaxy tab series of tablets, the Galaxy Note series phablets with the added functionality of a stylus. All the Samsung series was great except Galaxy S7 edge which became a disgrace to the company. 

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What on earth Did Samsung encrypted in Galaxy S7 edge? This question was frequently been asked in similar ways by Samsung mobile users, first it was the Galaxy Note 7 Cataclysmic, next was S7 edge which encountered severe issue & became a nightmare to the users which all has been fixed but some S7 edge still thole from strange vertical pink line across it's screen which some users don't have a clue on how to remove it.

How To Remove Pink Line Display On Galaxy S7 edge Screen

So if you own a Galaxy S7 edge and the pink line still displays this is what you will do to get rid of it dial (*#0*#). When you done that, then proceed by pressing the (Red, Green and Blue levels) the above action is responsible for the repairs of any faulty pixels on the screen Another alternative method was observed that whenever the vertical pink line displays on the screen it can be temporarily erased by adding pressure on the screen by pressing with your thumb on the top screen beside the front camera gently to avoid screen detriment.
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The Witcher 3 Now In HDR Patch
The Witcher 3 Now In HDR Patch support

Finally the witcher 3 wild hunt dream comes through they  has upgraded to HDR patch support on PlayStation 4, but unfortunately players are complaining that the patch appears to have some visual & graphics problems. Which we Thought it wasn't really designed for HDR at the time so it doesn't stand out much. Getting displeasuring words from gamers, referring to other games that didn't have HDR support when first released and then later patched looked amazing, But Witcher 3 was screwed up.

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The Witcher 3 Now In HDR Support

According to "Adellyn Marie Solis" living in "Markham Ontario" Canada, he said Am I the only one who is not that impressed with the new HDR patch? From what I can see, there is not that much difference. I actually had to check my TV settings to see if it was really in HDR. 

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It's a very minor upgrade (from what my eyes can see). It looks like the HDR algorithm they are using is not even reaching the standard 1000 nits. Also, some areas in the game just look off.. Geralt's hair changes to different colour in some area, So weird!. 

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Maybe it's the system's limitation but I doubt it.. AC Origins got a very impressive HDR patch which was "night and day" in comparison. Maybe it is much better on the X. But yeah.. on the Pro, it is there but at the same time, it's like.. it's not, It's weird.
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PC Gaming Vs Console Gaming: 10 Reasons PC Gaming is Better Than Console 
 PC Gaming VS Console Gaming

Talking about PC gaming and how awesome it is, to carry on your portable gaming system around enjoying high ending games on it. So Let's take a look at 10 reasons PC gaming is better than console gaming so you can begin to see the advantages of using a PC as your gaming rig instead of one of the leading consoles that are currently on the market.
It sounds weird but that's just the truth, it has been a hectic topic on social media comparing PC gaming with Console well!, most people will said is too stupor to compare PC gaming to console, but with the facts we're about to share now you'll be convince.

1. Better Controller Support

There is nothing better on controlling video games than a traditional PC and a mouse. If you want to add a gamepad or other controlling device, all you have to do is plug it in. Still, you can play all your games using your keyboard and mouse giving you the most accurate controls available when compared to the analog sticks found on gamepads today. To be equitable, most of the console makers have begun releasing keyboards and mice for their games, but the compatibility with the console games is hit and miss at best. If you want the best control over your characters in game, you will want to use a PC. you simply can't go wrong with the simple, yet flexible and powerful controls offered by a good gaming keyboard and mouse.

2. Higher Resolution Capabilities

While Xbox and Sony do, perhaps, have Full HD gaming today and many of the games on the consoles do look quite impressive and Stunning, PC's have had this ability for quite some time now. The software has taken awhile to catch up to the hardware capabilities but it has been there for years. This just underscores how much more flexible and powerful PC gaming hardware can be and if used correctly, can deliver a much more enthralling experience for users pushing some of the best graphics and audio that you will find in a game today.

PC Gaming VS Console Gaming

3. Upgradeable Hardware

One of the biggest advantages that PC's have is the ability to upgrade the hardware without having to buy a brand new machine every time your computer can't handle the latest game to be released. confessedly, if you are gaming on a laptop, you are somewhat more limited, but even still you have the ability to make a few upgrades to improve your gaming experience. On consoles, however, you are locked into a set of hardware specs that will be used for years. This means that as gaming development evolves, they will be limited by the hardware since console manufacturers only release new hardware every few years.

4. Multiple Online Services

One of the best parts of using a PC for gaming is the freedom that comes with it. On consoles, you are locked into using the online services they provide, and in the case of Xbox Live, that comes with an added cost. While on a PC  you are free to roam the Internet and find the best online services you can for the games you enjoy. Often these are available completely for free and often provide a better user experience overall. Of course, the best part is, if you don't love the city, you can just go somewhere else, instead of being stuck in that city like you are on your favorite consoles.

5. More Storage Spaces

On the PlayStation and Xbox, games are restricted to the size of the discs that they use and are often forced to download extras inferred the relatively small hard drives that are included with the consoles. This limits your gaming potential as well as how many games you can store. Hard Drives on most PC's these days have gotten huge, giving you the ability to store as many games and saved files as you want. when you run out of space, you can always add a bigger drive or a secondary drive as well, giving you almost limitless potential for how many games you have in your collection.

6. Classic Gaming

There is nothing better than firing up an old game that was made almost 20 years ago and reviving some of your past gaming experiences. For younger gamers, it can provide valuable insight in how games were made and how they have changed over time as well. It is also just plain fun. Consoles however, limit your ability to do this unless you want to keep the older consoles connected as well. Of course, some console makers such as Nintendo have recognized this demand and have begun releasing their older games on their newer consoles, but these come with an additional cost. Often you can find old games for PC available for free and you can even download the tools to run them on modern machines at no charge as well, making classic gaming a much easier and cheaper experience compared to the consoles.

7. Free Mods

Hands down one our favorite aspects of PC gaming is the ability to mod the games to alter the gameplay in some form  Whether it is adding in a host of new items, altering the graphics, or even adding additional levels to play through, the modding community has been hard at work altering games for decades now creating unique gameplay objectives that were not even considered by the original developer teams. This gives you hours upon hours of added playtime to a game meaning you get a lot more for your money compared to a console game. On console games, you are locked in what the developers want you to do. While some games have added some basic modding abilities on the consoles, they are nothing when compared to what designers and developers can do with the code on the PC. If you enjoy modding your games, PC gaming is the suggestion we've to make for you today.

8. Inexpensive Games

Expensive licensing fees, added development time to ensure that the game performs well on each explicit console often drives up the cost of console games. Even old used games often seem more expensive compared to the PC alternatives. confessedly, this isn't always the case, and sometimes you will be shock when checking out the latest new game that is available. But, in general, your gaming budget will be much more wallet friendly if you game on a PC.

9. UnOfficial Fixes For Games

Probably, not all games are released exactly how we wanted them. Often times the game developers never get around fixing that one thing that you wish was different about the game. Enter again the modding community. On older PC games, modders have often taken the time to patch and fix the games themselves so they run and perform better and sometimes they even squash some of the most annoying bugs that shows up during game play. You won't find these kinds of options on console games, as you simply don't have the ability to make mods, fixes yourself all that easily.

10. Ease Migration Of Games

Time to get a new rig? No problem. Simply back up your saved game files and reinstall the game on your new machine. Once you finish you can pick up right where you left off in your favorite game. That doesn't always work out so well on consoles. In some cases, older games for previous consoles simply won't work at all forcing you to keep that one connected to your television if you still want to play that one game you have yet to finish.

Reasons PC Gaming is just Better Than Console

These are just the real Facts that you can't elude from, we knew that console has the best graphics, but it doesn't matter when you have PC like Acer predator, Razer and MSI, you can go along with it anywhere, anything without depending on 42 inch LED TV or Game VR. We'll love to hear your thoughts and Opinions please make use of comments box below.