The Witcher Series Filming Is Wrapping up

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Neflix Series Filming Is Now Ready To Be Release In Cinema


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  • The Witcher Series Filming Is Coming To An End
  • The Witcher Series Filming Is Wrapping up

One of the most anticipated and played video game is making it's way to Cinema.

According to Redanian Intelligence hints that the Netflix's upcoming Witcher series is about completed, with cast and crew members posting various telltale signs accorss Social Media. A wrap up party was held on April 24 all involved in shooting the film bid farewell from filming locations. 

Adam Levy who play the role (Skellige Druid Mousesack) shared a snippet video on Instagram from the wrap up party. 
Furthermore, Redanian Intelligence also hints there still shows that some part of the series left behind, as several actors and crew appear set to remain in Hungary for at least another couple weeks. But since several main characters leaving the scene perhaps seems that the bulk of photography has been finished. 

The Witcher Series is wrapping up, we'll be waiting for an official announcement from Netflix on when the series will hit the the cinema. Perhaps we'll be seeing it sometime late this year.

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