The Cause Behind The Joy-Con Drifting Everyone Complains About Has Been Finally Discovered

What Caused The Joy-Con Drifting Issue And How To Fix It


/ by Kevin smith

  • What Is The Cause Behind The Joy-Con Drifting?
  • Here Is The Cause Behind The Joy-Con Drifting
  • What Exactly Causes The Left Joy-Con Analog Sticks To Drift?

Over years now we've been seeing alot of complains from switch fans concerning the left Joy-Con’s analog sticks drifting issue without any user input.

This has been a problem which has not been figured out for years now. Lately, a Nintendo Switch owner rainbopython, who purchased their system on launch day, disassembled their Joy-Con to find out what exactly is cause of the drifting.

After taking apart the components of the Joy-Con stick, rainbopython had a closer look at the contact pad, used for transmitting user input to the Switch itself. Here’s what they divulge, the contact pads had wear marks on them.

rainbopython believes the wear marks were created over time by the metal prongs that rub against the soft texture of the pads. They concluded the wear marks would have caused fluctuations in the X/Y readings, thus resulting in the Joy-Con drifting issue many experience.

Sad to say that, there is no permanent fix to this issue, unless Nintendo makes a completely new type of Joy-Con with different parts.


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