Xbox Live's Director (Larry Hryb) Revealed He Used His Nintendo Switch To Play Game After Losing Power

Xbox Live's Director Larry Hryb Games With His Nintendo Switch After Losing Power


/ by Kevin Smith

  • Xbox Live's Director (Larry Hryb) Games With The Switch 
  • Larry Hryb Nintendo Switch Console

The Nintendo switch been the very best handheld gaming console, Nintendo has gain their market profit target with the console making the switch the best selling console in North America last year

Even Larry Hryb, the Director of Programming for Xbox Live games with the Big N console after all. Who said he had to get creative with his gaming options when the power went off in Seattle last week. Larry Hryb Known as Major Nelson on Twitter, Hryb tweeted out a pic of what he was up to last week when the power in his home was out because of the weather.
As you can see on the tweet above. He was using a solar panel charger to power his Nintendo Switch which seemed to keep him entertained until the power came back on. Larry Hryb also shared the collection of games that he has downloaded and loved to play. 
What do you think about this Switch usage being shared by live director in Xbox? Are you amazed seeing the games in his collection? Tell us in the comments below.


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