Can you change your Team In Jump Force?

Can you change your Team In Jump Force?


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  • Can you change your Team In Jump Force?
  • Changing Team In Jump Force Possible?

Jump Force is a new fighting booming game packed in various Characters from other fighting games like Naruto, Dragon balls and others teamed up in this Frenchies to fight to glory. 

In the game you can choose between three teams of your avatar, but can you change your team once you’ve selected one? That's today topic. Jump Force is a third-person fighting game based on the popular Shonen Jump franchises. The game features characters from franchises like Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and many more.

After the tutorial is complete in the main story you’ll be asked to choose a Jump Force team, the game doesn’t make it clear for you during the selection if you change you team later.

Is It Possible To change Your Team In Jump Force?
The answer to this is unfortunately no due to the way the team system is designed. You can choose between three teams; Alpha led by Goku, Beta led by Luffy and Gamma by Naruto. All three teams are similar but technically compete with each other in online competitions. The team chosen also affects your character growth and rewards. Its basically like choosing a route that your character will take.

Currently the one way you can change your Jump Force team is by re-starting the game, creating a new avatar and then choosing another team which may not be a viable option for many.

Don’t expect the option to become available later either, unless Bandai Namco puts in a reset team feature that doesn’t reset your progress, Note!!, If you could change teams wherever you wanted to could get certain rewards in certain situations that would possibly break the game.

Jump Force is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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