Apex Legends: All Weapons And Their Damage Stats

Apex Legends All Weapons And Damage Stats Best Weapons


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  • Apex Legends: All Weapons And Their Damage Stats
  • Weapons And Stats In Apex Legends

Apex Legends, the latest booming battle royale from Respawn Entertainment and has a variety of weapons. If you are wondering what the damage stats for all weapons are, you're on the right place, keep on reading to find out.

The variety of weapons offered by the game has us all wondering about the damage stats for each weapon. After all, we all want to pick-up the weapon that is the most effective you can't be in a gun fight with a lil darn weapon and be expecting victory. We believe everyone certainly wants to know all the weapon stats to help you choose wisely while going up for a fight, that is why we listing all weapons in Apex Legends and their damage stats.

Keep in mind, that the damage varies for the head-shot and body-shot. Also, the damage stats for each weapon will also be reduced if the opponent is wearing protective gear that will create the a resistance for damage inflicted. The reduction on damage inflicted will be according to the type of protective gear. Precisely, the damage speculations are similar to Fortnite and PUBG.

Apex Legends Weapons And Their Damage Stats

Apex Legends has a range of 19 weapons in total for the use of players which can be obtained. Over the time, players will obviously experience using all the weapons that are being offered by Apex Legends. So, it will be beneficial for the player to know the damage stats for all weapons in Apex Legends. So below we'll delibrately list all the weapons with their damage stats available in the game.

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Shown damage stats for all Apex Legends weapons points that Mastiff and Kraber are best weapons in terms of inflicting raw damage. These two are capable of killing an enemy with maximum armor if used properly. 
Also keep in mind, that weapon of choice usually depends on the player’s tactical approach to the game, firing rate of the weapon, magazine size or range. The table only aims is to hint the damage stats for all weapons in Apex Legends. Let us know your favourite weapon and the current one you're playing with in the comments below.

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