Red Dead Redemption 2: Easy Ways To Make Money Rapidly

Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Make Money Fast


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  • Best Ways To make Money In Red Dead Redemption 2 With Ease
  • How To Make Money Easier In Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Red Dead Redemption 2: Easy Ways To Make Money Rapidly
  • Easy Ways To Make Money In Red Dead Redemption 2 
  • Fastest Way To Make Money In Red Dead Redemption 2 

For you to survive in the world wild west you'll really need financial aid, without money you can purchase new weapons, horses or upgrading your camp, buy supplies and upgrade your gear. 

 Red Dead Redemption 2: best way to make money fast

I don't know about you, but for me, I love getting myself a bottle of beer sometimes, without money i ain't gonna get one. Sincerely, If you want to achieve a high honour status as opposed to living a life of crime, you’ll need to find a stable and legal source of income, or at least find some treasure maps that lead to some good loot. 

Of course, you could just rob everyone and everything in sight. Outlaw Country!

Best Ways To make Money In Red Dead Redemption 2 With Ease

You can sell horses and coaches to make money, as well as selling high-quality items like pocket watches, Legendary animal pelts and selling any fish that you catch. As you complete missions and side quests you’ll be rewarded along the way and you’ll make a fair bit, so these tips are more about earning a little extra pocket money.

Render Aid: 
If you find a snake bite or bear trap victim, it’s worth helping them to get a few unexpected rewards a couple of days later should you find the person. They’ll buy a sweet something for you, like a shiny new gun or a hat, and you can either keep this nice reward or sell it. You’ll often find strangers asking for a lift due to a lame horse, and they usually gift you a pocketwatch or earrings, some also give you information if you help them.

Bounty Hunter:
Fulfilling a Wanted Bounty contract is a reliable and semi-repeatable way of earning cash in Red Dead Redemption 2. You can find Wanted posters hanging in the sheriff’s office, sign post's. Once you’ve picked up a Bounty, it will appear on your map and you can travel to the location to complete it. They usually reward with $25 dollars.

Gold bars:
Gold bars were a lucrative source of income back in the old West, and there are quite a few to be found in Red Dead Redemption 2. You’ll usually find them at the end of a treasure map and a few other quest lines. Each gold bar is worth $500 dollars, sweet Jesus, there’s a lot of money to be made here which will help you upgrade your entire camp very quickly, as well as get some stylish new gear.

Hidden treasure:
There’s a derailed train in the North of the map that has some valuable loot on board as well as two gold bars. You’ll need to do a bit of climbing to find them, trust us it’s worth it all. If you can't find one? Keep searching this time around try harder.

You can be part of a gang of outlaws, yes you can. You can rob stores, stagecoaches and even trains if you wish. Bandit camps are also worth robbing. The only downside is that you might get caught and have a massive bounty on your head which can limit some of the quests you can pick up and may cost you more money in the long term, as well as ruining your honour system. We really don't support crime though.

Now you've gotten some cash, why not buy some of the best weapons in Red Dead Redemption or maybe a new horse? Red Dead online will be available to all players soon. For now let's keep enjoying the beta version.

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