Nintendo Will Release Switch Mini And Pro This Year

Nintendo Switch Lite And Pro Version Release 2019


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  • Nintendo Will Release Switch Pro And Mini This Year
  • Nintendo Switch Lite 
  • Nintendo Switch Pro
  • Nintendo To Release Switch Mini For $199USD

Earlier this week, members of the video game industry shared their predictions for 2019. One notable example was Kantan Games predicting Nintendo will release a Switch Pro and Switch Lite this year.

Today, controversial industry analyst Michael Pachter has revealed his predictions on what the 2019 Switch model will look like. 

Pachter believes this Switch model, nicknamed “Nintendo Switch Mini”, will be released this year for $199.99 USD.

Nintendo will launch a fully handheld version of the Switch at $199. I expect the device to have the same screen, but with Joy Cons built into the body and no docking station. Talking of the Pro version we ain't really know what Nintendo will upgrade on the Switch Pro let's assume it will be a bit costly than the switch.

Since it can't "switch" from handheld to console, it's hard to guess what they will call it, but let's assume Nintendo Vita (just kidding). Note: the image above is not the mini version but signifies how the mini will look like.

The analyst thinks the Switch Mini will be fully portable, meaning it cannot be docked or played in TV Mode. The Joy-Con controllers, he says, will be stuck to the console so they couldn’t be detached. 

If Pachter’s prediction turns out to be true, the Switch Mini will take the 3DS’s position as the budget Nintendo console.

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