• Take a Look At This Amazing Nintendo Switch and GameCube Control Adapter With Super Smash Bros. Theme
  • Super Smash Bros. GameCube Controller Adapter 
  • Super Smash Bros. Theme And GameCube Controller

Take a look at this amazing Nintendo Switch and GameCube control adapter with Super Smash Bros. theme. Youtuber Brandon Salt has posted a video of his fully customized Super Smash Bros. Ultimate themed Nintendo Switch.

In the video, we see the custom blue Super Smash Bros. Joy-Con, Nintendo Switch console, and even a GameCube style GameCube Controller adapter.

Check out the video below:

This looks really nice, and we agree with the guy in the video that this is what Nintendo should be doing with these editions of the Switch, rather than just some token decals.

In general he has done an excellent job , although if we had to stay with only one thing, it would be the Switch , an authentic work of art. what do you think? Let's know your opinion in the comments section.


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