• Action RPG Dark Devotion Reconfirmed For Switch Coming Early 2019
  • Action RPG Dark Devotion Coming To Switch In 2019
  • Nintendo Switch Dark Devotion 2019

Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer Hibernian Workshop today announce that Dark Devotion, the side scrolling action RPG depicting a society’s commitment to a macabre religion, will test the dedication of Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC owners in early 2019. 

Dark Devotion has received positive praise in previews, receiving several nods from PAX East 2018, Gamescom and Bitsummit for impressive showings and is one to watch in early next year.

The Arcade Crew and developer Hibernian Workshop shared a new teaser trailer for the game. The video introduces the deadly templars, beast enemies, and bosses which you will encounter. The game also invites players to explore and experiment.

Watch a new gameplay clip detailing a few of the pivotal battles awaiting those brave enough to prove their faith in Dark Devotion’s unforgiving temple. 

These fights demand flawless reflexes, keen intuition, and an unwavering determination to persevere over an army of godlike adversaries. Only by overcoming these peerless, horrifying warriors can true allegiance to Dark Devotion’s divine designer be proven, a feat well worth unending anguish to the faithful.


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