3 Problems With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

3 Biggest Issue With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Players Complains About That Needs To Be Fixed


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  • 3 Biggest Problems With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • 3 Issues With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Biggest Problem

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is amazing. One of the biggest or probably the best game on switch right now. Lately the game helps Nintendo to outsold in UK market on previous holiday season. 

The Nintendo President also stated early this year that the smash Bros. Ultimate will help Switch to reach the sales record this year

But lately players noticed some issue in the game. Players shared their experience in Smash Bros on reddit. Without exaggerating more, let’s get to the whining.

No Big Battlefield preset:
Smash Bros. Ultimate is a party game. when you and a friend get together, you'll notice there are more than 4 of you guys. Which, means your options for non-frustrating stages with room for you guys suddenly shrinks denary.

Either we’ve got to pick Big Battlefield over and over, or one of the few larger stages without some weird gimmick. We know having both an Omega and Battlefield variant for each stage is already more than we expected, but when playing with more than four players, having a Big Battlefield variant option would make it way less chaotic for bigger groups of people.

No “rotation off” option in Battle Arenas:
Probably my least favorite part of the online is the Battle Arenas. We love them mechanically, of course, it’s how we play over here most of the time. But like seriously, does it need the option to turn off the Rotation feature? Yes, in a fully filled Arena, this rotation system helps out. But, if you’re playing with two to four friends, all it means is that at the end of every match, you all have to wait while it arbitrarily realizes there is no one to switch in, which takes about five seconds each time. So sad about it.

No additional online co-op modes:
Smash Bros. Ultimate is meant to be played with friends. Its original intention is to be brought to a social gathering, where everyone can play. So why is it that there are so few ways to play with even two people? Sure you can play Classic Mode with a friend, but only on the same system. And yeah, you can do Battle Arenas, but only over online, not in any sort of mixed capacity. Remember Smashdown? The new mode which a fresh new gimmick? Yeah, that’s only an option for people playing on the same system, can’t do it online.

It just feels like there are many missed opportunities. People should be able to play all the modes, with all the variations, no matter what. Get the rest of this here.

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