This Xiaomi Gamepad 2.0 Levels Up Nintendo Switch Controller

Xiaomi Gamepad 2.0 Nintendo Switch Controller


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  • This Xiaomi Gamepad 2.0 Levels Up Nintendo Switch Controller
  • Xiaomi Gaming Pad 2.0
  • Nintendo Switch Xiaomi Gaming Pad 2.0
  • Xiaomi Gamepad 2.0 Looks Like Nintendo Switch Controller
  • Nintendo Switch Controller's Xiaomi Gaming Controller 2.0

Nintendo Switch is one of the best portable gaming console. Now we've meet a smartphone with similar controller with the Switch. Xiaomi has just made a gaming pad exactly like the Nintendo Switch Controller for Black Shark smartphone. 

Everything concerning this smartphone gets us more astonish. The tech giants has just surprised their customers by introducing a superb device design specially for gaming. The device posses 10GB RAM which gives it more power to run any games just like the Nintendo Switch does and feels on the hand with it's awe gaming pads.

We're not surprised that something of this nature is reveal and we know that there are still more gaming controller like this for smartphones is coming. The Chinese company has announced the Gamepad 2.0, the new drivers to multiply the experience in video games on these phone which runs and play games such as Fortnite and PUBG and games like the Nintendo Switch Controller.

The Xiaomi Black Shark previous gamepad was designed only on the left side but with the images we saw so far proves that the new gaming controller will be in both sides, making it looks like the Nintendo Switch, when held horizontally is just as the Joy-Cons switches attached to the sides of the console screen of the Nintendo Switch. The gaming controller is quite expensive and precisely be pain the ass for some people the Gamepad 2.0 will cost at a whopping price of $89.

What's your opinion on this awesome Xiaomi gaming pad? Do you think this pad will serve exactly like the Nintendo Switch Controller? Let's know your thoughts in the comments below.

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