Take A Look At Jade Raymond New Splinter Cell In Ubisoft

Jade Raymond New Splinter Cell At Ubisoft


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  • Take A Look At Jade Raymond New Splinter Cell
  • New Splinter Cell Teased Online From Jade Raymond The Designer
  • Jade Raymond New Splinter Cell
  • New Splinter Cell Teased At Ubisoft
  • Jade Raymond Revealed The New Splinter Cell She Designed While Working With Ubisoft

Jade Raymond was the main driving force behind Assassin’s Creed series and while she is no longer at Ubisoft, her impact on the company was felt for a long time. Splinter Cell Blacklist was developed under her guideline.

Lately, Jade Raymond was interviewed by Gamereactor (via), she talks about a new concept for Splinter Cell that she pitched at Ubisoft. In addition, There are rumors of a new game in the series being in development for a long time, but there has never been any official confirmation about it. 

When Jade Raymond talked about a new concept for Splinter Cell, she refused to exaggerate more into the specifics due to the complicated behind the scenes dern that is a norm of the Games Industry, but it is a good thing to hear that the franchise is still unextinguished at Ubisoft catalogue. She further stated:

  • The last Splinter Cell (Blacklist, released in 2013) is the last one that shipped, so…
  • You know what? There is a design that we actually had and worked on and would have wanted to make, but since I am not at Ubisoft anymore I can’t talk about it and I don’t know who wants to share that concept.

Jade Raymond had a concept for Splinter Cell after Blacklist, due to her leaving the company, things might get twisted, this keeps us wondering and keeping the concept in a contrapposto state. The future of the Splinter Cell franchise still remains in doubt for now.

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