• Soulja Boy Ends Selling His Console On The Store Due To Nintendo Lawsuit
  • Soulja Boy Restricted From Selling His Console On The Store 
  • Soulja Boy Won't Be Selling His Console On The Store Again
  • Soulja Boy Selling Of His Console On The Store Has Been Ended

The Rapper, Soulja Boy, could have violated Nintendo rule due to the sale of his gaming consoles, which are emulators preloaded with hundreds of games. 

He seems to have had a change of heart when it comes to advertising his ‘consoles’ and putting them on his SouljaWatch website. He has since taken them down presumably because of an impending lawsuit. 

The ‘consoles’ looked suspiciously like other consoles on the market and included games from retro Nintendo platforms and others, which he didn’t have permission to sell or obtain.

According to Resetera, earlier in December, Mr. Way was contacted by Nintendo who threatened criminal charges against him for possibly violating the Trademark Counterfeiting Act.

Lately his storefront now only contains what seem to be knock-offs of the Apple Watch, Apple Airpods, Beats headphones, and an Android phone and tablet.


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