• Sony Now Allow Users To Select Their Region And Language On Playstation Store
  • Playstation Store Allow Users To Select Their Region And Language
  • Playstation Store Language And Region Feature
  • Region And Language Feature In Playstation Store
  • Playstation Store Language And Region Selective Feature

Sony is finally allowing users to change their region and language on Playstation Store. Although this seems to be limited right now.

 Sony Playstation Store select Region and Language feature

According to a report we got, this choice is being given to users only in Europe. They can pick the region of the store and language for their PlayStation Network ID. This service already exists for Microsoft where you can basically pick the region of the store on the same ID. It was only on Playstation that the region and language is locked, along with any potential DLC or Saves for the game.

This change won’t just happen for everyone but seems to be restricted to Europe. It apparently coincides with a new law in Europe that requires companies to avoid locking any content behind a region. According to the Source 1 and Source 2.

The exact limit of changes is still unknown so this update might be gradually rolled out to everyone who has a PSN account in any European country. If you want to access your region’s stores in English or any other language, it might be finally possible to do so now after this update.

Have you tried yours? Does it work for you? What do you experience? Let us know if you have managed to access this new PlayStation Store update in the comments below.


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