Red Dead Online: The Adventure Continues here's how to play And Other Things You Need To Know

Red Dead Online: The Adventure Continues here's how to play


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Rockstar surpassed themselves, on building an ever living and reactive world for the player to enjoy. This week, what everyone is waiting finally  arrived, Rockstar released the Red Dead Online Beta.

 Red Dead Online guideline how to play with multiplayer online

I played the Beta when launched with the first wave though I didn't get more time to explore more, having put in a decent amount of time have come away fairly impressed, but there are some concerns that should be discoursed. First of all let's go first with addressing the tips and tricks that is relevant to the adventure.

Tips And Tricks 

If you’ve played the main game competently you should by now know what to do to survive the wild west adventure. For folks that're about starting the wild west adventure for the first time for Online, here’s some tips and guide that you'll really need to know.

  • Hunt/Harvest when you can to have a steady supply of resources.
  • Explore, there’s a ton of stuff to discover out there.
  • Take care of your horse, the bond is sacred.
  • Keep your eyes out for other players. They can kill from long range.
  • You can set up your camp in many different areas.
  • Keep doing activities to level up quickly and gain cash.
  • If a moral decision ends up being 50/50, the game likes to choose the greater of two evils.
  • Fast Travel posts are your friend.
  • Craft/cook when you can It pays to be friendly.

Next is hinting on what to do you might be so confound on the way or before starting but don't worry we're here to give you some guideline on what to do.

What To Do

Yesterday I came across some people on social media mentioned that they are concerned about the content in Red Dead Online. Well rest assured, there is no end of activities in sight. There are the typical Rockstar activities that you can line up for such as Racing, Small team PvP and Large team PvP. That’s not including the activities/quests you get from "Strangers" who are placed all over the map. Hunting, Robbing, Train Heists, Random Encounters are all just as relevant as it was in the singleplayer game. With all the little things to do, you end up having a fairly full and fun experience from the start precisely. You will end up doing Free Roam Missions fairly often to gain experience, which are given out by the strangers and other NPC’s you encounter. These missions play out differently depending on your honor level, so if you are a bad person wanting to do some good.. that may be a little hard to come by I mean like seriously.

Well am rounding up with player vs. player crash so you will need to keep an eye on the map and around you when traveling so here's my advice and a little experience.

Avoid Other Players Who Ain't Your Friend

The first time loaded into free roam, it was breathtaking seeing a heavily populated server where i counted around 28 players all on the map at one time. Knowing the chances of running into another player on my journey is quite scary but also excited.

All that was going on in mind was will I get ambushed? Will they just ride on by, or stop and want to posse up? I found out fairly quickly that it’s safe to be careful when you are near another player. I’ve been ambushed and shot dead five times, by a group of 4 outlaws blocking a cliff side road and killing those who used it. Don't laugh at me I know am a terrible gamer. Just know your adventures with other players in Red Dead Online will definitely be very dynamic.

Red Dead Online is where almost anything can happen, and when you cluster with players into that world together…you’ll never have two of the same experiences. Oh yes, and there is area chat. You can talk to other players who are nearby you, I have to say using that information is at your own risk. Note: beside Free Roam you’ll see the "Posse" mode. If you want to Posse around this will send you off to group with randoms for random adventures. Remember be very careful avoid bad guys, your distance from trouble and other players determines how long you going to survive. If you don't want to be shot dead multiple times like i, keep away from bad guys.

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