Persona 5 R Announced, More Information For 2019

Persona 5 R 2019


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Atlus has announced a brand new Persona 5 R yesterday. Surprisingly, there were no confirmed platforms listed for it but it did debut with a PlayStation logo but sure is coming PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

 Persona 5 R 2019 for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

The official website for Persona 5 R is now live and also a new video of the 2019 schedule was teased you check it out below.

Persona 5 R is currently planned for unannounced platforms so we will have to wait and see the platforms the game will come on but we believe definitely is coming on all platform.

Some rumors flying that the game is exclusively for Nintendo Switch, here's the what the rumor stated:

  1. P5R will be announced after the “Dark Sun…” OVA.
  2. P5R is P5 for Switch.
  3. Switch exclusivity is likely from my interactions, but not solidly confirmed as the above are. It could very well be Switch/PS4. All I know for a fact is that it is a Switch title.
  4. The release window I was given does not suggest a release early on in 2019. I won’t post it in the off-chance that it was subject to change, something I wouldn’t be able to verify at this moment sadly.

Well, we can likely unheed it for now and wait for the official announcement later in March 2019.

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