• Judge Eye Is Coming To The West As Judgement In Summar 2019 For PS4
  • Judge Eye For PS4 2019 Launch
  • Judgement Launch Date For PS4
  • Judgement Coming To Playstation 4 In 2019
  • Jude Eye (Judgement) PS4 Launch 

Judge Eyes is the new project from the Yakuza studio and now it was announced coming in Summer 2019 for the West and it's now called Judgment. The game focuses on action-packed cases where you play as a lawyer who is forced to deal with corruption in the justice system.

 Judge eye coming to west in summar 2019 as Judgement on PS4 and Sega

It was revealed at the Kinda Funny Games Showcase yesterday, and sega  also revealed the trailer for Judgement and announced its release window for the Western market. Take a look at the game trailer below:

Judge Eyes is a new IP from the Yakuza developer. It was only announced for Japan and first revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2018. It is confirmed for the PS4 and will release in Summer 2019 with an English dub for the Western market. Take a look at the announcement below:

Judgment is set in the same city as Yakuza series so you might see cameos, while it uses the same game engine as Yakuza 6. Judgment is more of a detective mystery thriller compared to the crime drama of Yakuza.  The game will come with both English and Japanese voice acting, so players can choose which way they’d like to hear the game as they play. 

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