• Here's How To Change Your Xbox One DNS Server With Ease
  • Best Way To Change Xbox One DNS Server
  • How To Change Xbox One DNS Server With Ease
  • How Can I Change My Xbox One DNS Server
  • Ways To Change Xbox One DNS Server
  • Xbox One DNS Server Here's How To Change It

Xbox One, yes, Xbox One has the best Network Hardware than Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch, with that, you can still make it perform even better with DNS server having problem changing yours, here's how to change your Xbox One DNS Server.

 How to change/add Xbox One DNS Server

Like we said before A Domain Name System server (DNS) mainly helps your connection resolve the IP address of the domain you’re trying to access. Is quite obvious that faster DNS connection could result in faster response in online games, faster downloads, reduce pings and others.

So let's show you how to change your Xbox One DNS server below trust us the steps are so simple to grab. Still wondering where to get good DNS server from? Then Here's The List Of The Best Fastest Gaming DNS Server For Your Xbox One.

How To Change Xbox One DNS Server

  1. Right in front of Xbox One “Home” screen open the Settings by either using the Home menu or pressing the “Guide” button on your controller and selecting “Settings”.
  2. Select “Network”, then “Advanced Settings” and finally “DNS Settings”.
  3. Choose to set your DNS Settings “Manually” and enter the Primary and Secondary DNS Addresses, save it and you're done. So simple ease to grab right? We take that as a yes.

Another Method:
Using this method you can always set a DNS Address for your Network in your Router or Modem settings through opening up the Router or Modem’s setting’s page and then entering your desired DNS address in the DNS page.

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