• Having Problem On Changing Your Nintendo Switch DNS Server? Here's How To Change It
  • How To Change The Nintendo Switch's DNS Server
  • Change Nintendo Switch DNS Server
  • DNS Server For Nintendo Switch
  • Best Way To Change Nintendo Switch DNS Server

The Nintendo Switch’s networking settings are not difficult to access  but if you’re having trouble changing your Nintendo Switch’s DNS server then follow our guide to do so.

 How to change/add Nintendo Switch DNS Server

The Domain Name System server (DNS) mainly helps your connection resolve the IP address of the domain you’re trying to access. Is quite obvious that faster DNS connection could result in faster response in online apps and games, faster downloads, ease pings and many more.

So without exaggerating more let's show you the guideline you will use to change your Nintendo Switch DNS server below. Of you're still on the best DNS you can get for your Switch then Here's The List Of The Best Fastest Gaming DNS Server For Your Nintendo Switch.

How To Change The Nintendo Switch's DNS Server

  1. First of all: Tap on the “Settings” button on the Menu Bar at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Then Select “Internet” and then “Internet Settings”.
  3. The Nintendo Switch will search for a WiFi network or Ethernet Network depending on your configuration. Connect to it.
  4. Select the Network you want to change the settings for and select “Change Settings”.
  5. Also Select “DNS Settings” and enter the primary and secondary DNS server you which to put.
  6. And finally, Tap on “Save” boom, you have successfully changed your Nintendo Switch DNS server.

Another Method:
This method instructed in selecting a DNS Server on a system to system basis you can configure a Network wide DNS Server configuration using your Router or Modem. Simply go to the settings page of your Router or Modem and enter the desired DNS Servers there.

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