• Detroit Become Human Has Amazingly Sold 2 Million Copies Worldwide For PS4
  • Detroit Become Human Has Sold 2 Million Copies
  • Detroit Become Human 
  • Quantic Dreams Sold 2 Million Copies
  • Quantic Dreams Detroit Become Human

Detroit Become Human is a science-fiction game developed by French studio Quantic Dream and released on May 25th, 2018 exclusively for the PlayStation 4. 

 Detroit Become Human 2 million copies sold Worldwide

In a new sales update, we found out that Detroit Become Human has amazingly sold 2 million copies worldwide, in five months. This announcement was first posted on Twitter, you can see it below.

Detroit Become Human Has Sold 2 Million Copies Worldwide

Quantic Dream also stated on Twitter, confirming that Detroit Become Human is currently their fastest-selling game ever. The previous sales milestone was shortly after launch, when it was announced that the game had sold over a million copies in its first two weeks.

Previous Quantic Dream collection games Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain have sold 3 million and 5.3 million copies respectively. Probably the both games are on the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4.


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