• A New Image Teased By Infinity Ward, (Potentially MW4 Modern Warfare 4) Could This Be Call Of Duty 2019?
  • A New Image Teased By Infinity Ward, Could This Be Call Of Duty 2019?
  • Call of Duty 2019 (Potentially MW4) Teased by Infinity Ward Modern Warfare 4
  • Call Of Duty 2019 Revealed
  • Call Of Duty 2019 Teased By Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward teased Call of Duty Infinite Warfare in celebration of the holiday season without many actualizing. 

it shows Infinity Ward may have followed suit this year and released a Call of Duty 2019 potentially Modern Warfare 4 – MW4 teaser on their tweet.

On their recent tweet below, they released an image to wish everyone a Happy Holiday.

The image makes things more interesting, it does seems to have ditto to an era before Call of Duty Black Ops 4. The image could very well hint that the next instalment within the franchise will be taking CoD back to its original roots. The Teased Image Hints...

  • Older style jeep from between WW2 and Vietnam era.
  • Passenger wearing a CoD Ghosts face mask.
  • German Shepard dog on-board.
  • Robot wrapped in the Christmas tree and lights.
  • 4 clear vents showing at the front of the vehicle, with the rest covered which may be a very subtle hint at MW4.

The image has small individual references to past, modern and futuristic era’s. Three characters and a dog riding a mini jeep may also hint at a new Battle Royale version. Referencing back to previous Infinity Ward games could be a hint at the settings of a possible new Battle Royale experience.

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