• Tekken 7 New Update Version 2.02 Patch Notes
  • PS4, Xbox One And PC Tekken Update Version 2.02
  • Tekken 7 New Update
  • Tekken 7 Version 2.02 Patch Notes
  • Tekken 7 New Update Released

Tekken 7 has new November update version 2.02 and now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The version 2.02 update mainly brings gameplay changes and balancing.

 Tekken 7 new update version 2.02 patch notes for PS4, Xbox One and pc

The update will bring changes to several characters but most notably Anna and Lei. Check out the full patch notes below.

Tekken 7 New Update Version 2.02 PS4, Xbox One And PC (Patch Notes)

  • Game balance update for some of the character on PS4, Xbox One and STEAM.

The Tekken 7 update is now available to download now PS4, Xbox One and PC via STEAM.


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