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August 2018, Chinese PC maker Zhongshan Subor Z+ announced an astounding console/PC hybrid the (Subor Z+) with a stunning spec sheet. The most fascinating part of that machine was none other than a new AMD SoC custom with the code name Fenghuang/fire flight. 

 Subor Z+ price specs Chinese Powerful Console rival PS4 and Xbox One X

Based on the Zen architecture instead of the Jaguar used in consoles as Xbox One X or PS4 Pro, this SoC has a GPU with 4 cores and 8 threads at 3.0GHz a Vega-based GPU with 24 Cus at 1300MHz, 8GB GDDR5, 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD.

The preliminary tests that we saw on Digital foundry have now been consummate with a new series of benchmarks from a Chinese YouTube user in which you can see the Subor Z+ running different windows games at more than 60fps in some of them. The graphics power sits between a RX 570 and a GTX 1060 said by the content producer. See the video below.

The Subor Z+ can be turn in console mode (a customized version of Windows will be used in this case) and in PC mode, so said on the official website the Subor Z+ will use Windows 10 IoT Enterprise as the base OS, so their functional aspects for the end users could be limited.

Subor Z+ Price 

This hybrid machine (Subor Z+) price ranges from 4998 RMB, $625 but if Chinese taxes is included, it will be $730.



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