Sony Sending Out $10 Settlement Checks For PS3 "Other OS" Lawsuit

Sony $10 Settlement Checks For PS3 Users"Other OS" Lawsuit


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  • Sony $10 Settlement Checks
  • PS3 Users $10 Settlement Checks
  • $10 Sony Settlement PS3 Other OS Lawsuit 
  • Sony PS3 Check Settlement

Sony is reported to be finally sending out ten dollars settlement checks for PS3"Other OS" lawsuit, that were initially announced to be around $65.

 Sony sending $10 settlement checks for PS3 Users "Other OS" lawsuit

But according to users receiving them are getting check for $10 and a few cents. The estimated settlement made was $3.75million, with $400,000 going to attorneys, $3,500 going to fix plaintiffs and the rest to people who filed claims.

This is what happened since Sony and the court made it way too easy to submit a claim and now more people made claims than the official estimate. All you had to do was agree to a few condition, provide your PSN username and your console's serial number, if you want read the full details of the case visit Here.

The settlements sent were for the "Sony PS3 Other OS Litigation" when Sony removed the PS3's "Other OS" feature to patch security concerns and combat piracy. "Other OS" allowed users to install Linux on the console, with which the console due to its powerful cell processor. The US Air-Force even made a Supercomputer using 1,760 PS3 console in a cluster.

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