Sony Patents New VR Controller Could This Be For PS5 VR?

Sony Patents New VR PS5 VR


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Sony has published a new patents for a CAR controller that could be for the next-generation PS VR device for PS5.

 Sony's patents new VR controller ps5 VR

The patent titled "CONTROLLER HAVING LIGHTS DISPOSTED ALONG A LOOP OF THE CONTROLLER" is registered to sony interactive Entertainment Japan. The controller is illustrated in the patent and looks like an evolution of the PS move with irradiated loops instead of the ball which led to some quality jokes back in the day.

Although the current-generation PS VR supports the PS move, this new controller seems to be designed from the ground up for VR. It is a good idea for a new-generation PS move device project be in development definitely it can be shown just in time for Sony's next-generation Console the "PS5".

Rumors of the playstation 5 have been flying around weeks ago Sony was hiring a product manager for the next-generation playstation campaign. So what's on your mind for the PS5? We love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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