• Sony 2TB PS4 Pro And 'Copper' Dual-shock 4 
  • Copper Dual-shock 4
  • 2TB PS4 Pro Launch
  • Japan 2TB PS4 Pro And'Copper'Dual-shock 4 Release
  • 2TB PS4 Pro And 'Copper'Dual-shock 4 Launch In Japan

Sony has announced that they re-launching a 2TB PS4 Pro along with 'Copper' Dual-shock 4 colorway it set to be launch this month in Japan.

 Sony 2tb PS4 Pro and copper Dualshock 4 launch in Japan

The new Console and Controller will be releasing on November 21 in Japan. The 2TB PS4 Pro will retail for ¥44,980, $399, £307.12 and €349.94. While the copper Dual-shock 4 will sell for ¥6,480, $57, £43.88 and €50.00.

Sony will also re-releasing variants color Controllers like metallic gold and silver color Dual-shock. See image below.



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