• Red Dead Online' Beta Releasing On November 27 Here's What Players Need To Know
  • Red Dead Online' Beta Releasing On November 27 Here's What Players Will Be Expecting
  • Red Dead Online Beta Release Date
  • Red Dead Online Beta What To Expect

The release date of Red Dead Redemption 2’s beta for online component called Red Dead Online has been announced with the beta starting on November 27th.

Red Dead Online' Beta releasing On November 27 here's what Players Need to know and expect

According to The Verge, only selected people will be able to participate in the beta when it launches tommorow. Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition will get the first shot at the online beta.

Following that release date, other players will be able to test Red Dead Online at staggered intervals with those who played in the game in the first three days it was available being able to play on November 29th. On November 30th, Red Dead Online’s beta will be available for all gamers who owns Red Dead Redemption 2. To be clarified see how it goes below.

Tuesday, November 27 - For folks with the Ultimate Edition of Red Dead Redemption 2

Wednesday, November 28 - For folks that played Red Dead 2 on launch day (October 26).

Thursday, November 29 - For folks that played Red Dead 2 on launch weekend (October 26-29)

Friday, November 30 - For anyone who owns the game.

And this online component, players will be able to create their own characters and rumble with friends online. Explore this huge world solo or with friends. Form or join a posse to ride with up to seven players; gather around the fire at your camp; head out hunting or fishing; visit bustling towns; battle enemy gangs and attack their hideouts; hunt for treasure; take on missions and interact with familiar characters from across the five states; or fight against other outlaws in both spontaneous skirmishes and pitched set-piece battles; compete with other players or whole posses in open world challenges and much more. Here are some images of Red Dead Online teased by DualShockers.

Rockstar Games announced the online component to Red Dead Redemption 2 back in September and analyzed it as “an evolution of the classic multiplayer experience in the original Red Dead Redemption” with both competitive and cooperative gameplay elements included.


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