PUBG Mobile Season 4 Launched: Here's The Royal Pass And Other New Features In The Game

PUBG Mobile Season 4 Review The Royale Pass And Other New Features In The Game


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Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has launched its mobile version for a fourth season. The third season of the Battle Royale game, popularly known as PUBG, ended on November 18. And now the new PUBG Mobile Season 4 starts on November 20th, with the features it brings along.

 PUBG Mobile Season 4 Royale pass and other new features review

The new season of PUBG has been released on November 20th for Smartphone gamers. The global servers for the game are expected to be connected by November 21, which is when all devices are expected to receive access for the same. Take a look at the season 4 trailer below.

New and existing players should have in mind that the latest version of PUBG will not take the Season 3 rankings and scores into account, meaning everyone will start with a clean slate, and an equal opportunity to gain ranks. Users can expect different game scenarios, improved maps and more from this new season of PUBG.

PUBG Mobile Season 4 Royale pass:

For folks who seek special benefits with the game, PUBG Mobile will provide a Royale pass for Season 4. This will include weekly challenges, where users can play up to 100 RP level. Players can choose from two different options: Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus. Through both, users will receive level up benefits, or benefits after spending 100 UC on every level. Gamers who cross level 100 will receive special rewards, and can access unlocked items.

PUBG Mobile Season 4 New Features:

Among the latest PUBG Mobile feature, users can access the assault rifle M762. Also, the scooter and dynamic weather from the Sanhok map on desktop will also be extended to the mobile version too. Other updates include revamped weapons, backpacks, vehicles, aeroplane, and parachutes menus, as well as new skins.

Suicide Squad characters Harely Quinn and the Joker on PUBG for PC, is also slated to appear on PUBG Mobile soon. Other character choices can be seen by Royal pass owners, who will be able to choose from two new avatars: a male and a female. One can also expected a new snow map, like the Sanhok map that appeared on the game's mobile version during Season 3.

The new season 4 of PUBG mobile is Launched on November 20th, while global servers will be connected next day been November 21st.

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