PS5 Is One Of The Most Powerful Console Of All Time Here's Why

Ps5 Review price and specs one of the most powerful console


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  • PS5 Console Details
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For now we can't currently say what the PS5 will look like and what it's technical specifications will be, Though they're a lot of fan-made concepts Online but one in particular is shocking and Sony should take notes.

 Playstation 5 Price specs review and release date revealed

A gamer resolute to put their own creative input into the mix with a visually stunning render of what they'd like to see the next playstation platform look like on YouTube channel. He also showed the list of features this console would have, take a look at them below.

Sony Playstation 5 Specs 

  • Custom 7nm 6c/12t AMD APU based on Zen 2 and Navi architecture with custom ray-tracing extensions (Radeon Rays) and dedicated hardware for a variety of post-processing of the buffers (DLSS, TAA or MSAA up to max 8K resolution):
  • – 11.2 Tflops (22.4 Tflops at half-precision).
  • – 3640 stream processors.
  • – 16 GB GDDR6 RAM (with an initial 14 GB available to developers).
  • – Vapor chamber cooling system.
  • UltraHD BDXL/QL player compliant with BDA 3.2 specs (including HDR10+)
  • 2TB HDD in standard SKU,1TB model in Q1 FY2020.
  • VR capability built-in with dedicated hardware for temporal reprojection, aliasing and second screen frame buffers (can bypass original PSVR breakout box if used).

  • Forward-facing HDMI 2.1 port for PSVR2 as well as current VR headsets (compatible with CUH-ZVR1 and CUH-ZVR2 via old breakout box and camera).
  • 3 front-facing and 3 rear-facing USB 3.1 ports (with power delivery).
  • AC power input, HDMI 2.1 output, 1Gbps Ethernet, AUX and optical connector on the rear panel.
  • Built-in 802.11ax wireless network.
  • Stand for vertical position sold separately.
  • Single Dual-Shock 5 controller included in standard SKU.
  • Console is fully compatible with the existing Dual-Shock 4 controllers (all CUH-ZCT1, CUH-ZTC2 and CUH-ZTC1U models, required cable for wired connection and pairing will be sold separately at launch).
  • PSVR2 headsets with inside-out tracking and HDR OLED
  • Fully compatible with all PS4 titles (disk-based and digital) with developers having the option of using on-th-fly asset replacement to bring higher quality assets into older titles.

Sony  Playstation 5 Design

The Inspiration for the PS5 design is got from the success of its predecessors. With the overall shape and slanted front got from the PS4 and the ridges, power button and eject button as a heritage from the PS2. The top cover is meant to be user replaceable to allow for branding and user customization.

Playstation 5 Price And Release Date.

Though The Sony's John Kodera said earlier this year that the company need sometime to prepare the next-step to avoid indemnify so that they can go higher in the future. So the latest rumors pointed that the Sony playstation 5 is going to be released sometime in 2019, the console will possess power of $500 gaming pc. The playstation 5 Price ranges from $400, see the scheduled released dates below.

Public unveiling of PS5 hardware roadmap tentatively scheduled for February 21st 2019. Final hardware reveal date not yet decided, several dates from August to September 2019 possible (Gamescom, TSG).

PS5 release date for Japan and United States is scheduled to be on November 16th 2019. Second tier regions (Europe and Australia) is November 23rd 2019, then worldwide is scheduled to be on December 7th 2019.

PlayStation 25 Year Anniversary Limited Edition scheduled to be released on December 3rd 2019 (Pre-orders from Nov 16th 2019).

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