PSN Developers Unveiled Their Favourite PS4 Games: Ranks God Of War The Most Popular

Playstation Developers Revealed Their Favourite PS4 Games With God Of War Ranks First


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  • God Of War Ranks 1st Most Popular Game For Playstation Developers
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  • God Of War And Marvel's Spider-Man Ranks Most Popular PSN Developers Favorite Games

Playstation 4 Developers unveiled their favorite games from the first five years of the system's release with God Of War taking the most honors.

 Playstation Developers listed their favorite PS4 games God Of War Ranks 1st

Is two days ago, the fifth year anniversary of the playstation 4 was celebrated, the playstation Blog, hit-up some of the consoles most noteworthy Developers and key Sony member to see just what their favorite games from the past five years on the platform have been. From  Sony Interactive Entertainment  President Shawn Layden, down to some of the company's most notable first-party developers like Neil Druckmann and Cory Barlog, the PlayStation Blog asked 23 People in what their three favorite games have been over the course of the first five years of the PS4.

As we expected, some games appeared more over the course of each person's list than others, but overall, a wide array of titles were mentioned with each giving some unique insight into just what each creator tends to enjoy playing in their own free time. And Sony Santa Monica's God of War appeared most often on each designers list, the 23 folks that participated, 13 of them listed God of War as one of their three favorites on the PS4. We can't blame them, either, as it still stands as our favorite on the console with Red Dead Redemption 2 as well.

Bloodborne and Marvel's Spider-Man were also mentioned frequently with Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4 also brought up by many. If you weren't already aware, the PS4's exclusives lineup is pretty dang strong.

So what have been your favorite games of the PS4 generation so far? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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