Microsoft Has Perceptible Patent A New Elite Controller

Microsoft Patent New Elite Controller


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over a year now we have been following rumors of a new Xbox Elite controller, though no such product has been officially announced as of this writing, teasing hints continue to be dropped.

 Microsoft new Elite Controller

A recent patent filed by Microsoft offers a glance into what a new feature of this premium controller could offer. The controller mentioned on the patent is aptly named as "GAME CONTROLLER WITH REMOVABLE CONTROLLER ACCESSORY".

The description of the new device seems to hint that just about every button on the controller could be replaced. For instance, you may want A button that is slenderly larger than the other face buttons or buttons with variant shapes or textures. This is just a contemplation on our part but we're wondering if it would be possible to add a small trackball or a completely different type of input to the new Elite controller.

The acquainted disc-shaped d-pad is featured within the patent but there is also an illustration of a small joystick that could also be used in its place.

While not specifically mentioned in the latest patent, the new Elite controller is rumored to have a USB-C port and an internal battery that can be recharged while in its carrying case.

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