Battlefield V PS4, Xbox One And PC Preload Release Date Revealed

Battlefield V PS4, Xbox One And PC Preload Launch


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Battlefield V for PC, PS4 and Xbox One release date is November 20, developer EA Dice has made it official. So console and PC gamers can now start playing Battlefield V.

 Battlefield V PC, PS4 and Xbox One Preload review

The game has different tiers of release dates that diverge based on the game edition, as well as the platform. EA Dice has unveiled the full pre-order details for all the platforms and the different editions of the game, the developer also revealed the main game download and day one update sizes as well. 

Battlefield V preload release date and time for PS4

According to the details EA Dice shared on Raddit, the PS4 preload time and date for Battlefield V Deluxe Edition in Asia is 4pm UTC (9:30am IST) on November 17. In Japan the Preload times are an hour earlier on the same days. In United States the time and date for Deluxe Edition is 5am UTC (10:30am IST) on November 13. Then Europe comes last, the Deluxe Edition is 12am UTC (5:30am IST) on November 13 while the Standard Edition is 12am UTC (5:30am IST) on November 18.

Battlefield V Preload Release Date And Time For PC And Xbox One

All Battlefield V PC versions is 1pm UTC (6:30pm IST) on November 7. Preload of all versions of Battlefield V are already available on Xbox One since 8am UTC (1:30pm IST) October 19. EA has also announced the full Battlefield V main game download and day one update sizes. 

  • PC version is 44GB 
  • Xbox One Version is 39.9GB
  • Playstation 4 Version is 43GB

In the EA answers HQ Post, they also unveiled the diverse Battlefield V release date, depending on the early access abilities across platforms, they went further saying with Origin Access Premier you will get access to play the full game on PCs from November 9 while with Origin Access Basic, you will only play 10 hours trial. The EA Access on Xbox One it also gives you 10 hours trial with the Deluxe Edition, you will get access on PC, PS4 and Xbox One from November 15 while with the Standard Edition gives you access on PS4, Xbox One and PC from November 20.

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