Xiaomi Mi A1 Suddenly explodes! Here's how to protect your phone to avoid Explosion

Mi A1 Explosion How to prevent it Happing On yours


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With the latest developments in the technology, we have witnessed the trends of Improved higher capacity batteries and fast chargers. These advancements are considered a boon. But as the saying goes “All that glitters is not gold” which turned be too true in this case as one of the Xiaomi Mi A1 user reportedly. However, this is the first time that a Xiaomi device has been reported for explosion. There have been many such incidents encountered in the past. But A1 is the entry to the list.

Mi A1 Explosion

Xiaomi can’t be totally blamed for making such dangerous devices, there are other such companies with the likes of well-known brands like Vivo, Oppo, Motorola and even flagship phones like Samsung and Apple. The first ever smartphone explosion can be traced back to Samsung’s Note 7 back in the year 2016, which led to a huge lawsuit on Samsung which resulted in discontinuation of these smartphones. Xiaomi’s recent Mi A1 is also said to face similar fate.

According to the complainant, the incident took place with his friend when he reportedly left the phone for charging while he slept. Thankfully the explosion didn’t do much damage, because of its protective casing which was able to create a cushion effect absorbing the shock of the explosion. The owner was lucky enough to not be sleeping very close to the device and escaped without a single scratch. The only known damage caused to the device was to the battery, motherboard, screen and to the protective case. If the protective case wouldn’t have been there, the scenario would have been different.

What actually causes the battery to explode?

There are several factors why a battery explodes, including defective battery, incompatible adapter, overcharging, overheating, etc. We don’t have the exact details of the usage pattern of the device by the owner. But, the owner is said to have been reportedly using the device since 8 months while using the phone in the day and charging the device at night. We can come to a rough conclusion by actually knowing what caused the explosion. Some of the sources also claim that the incident has been bought to light to the Xiaomi Service Centre and yet no action has been taken to resolve the case.

How to protect your device?

Well, there are many ways to ensure that what happened with the poor user wouldn’t happen with you, by following the simple steps mentioned below:

1. Use a Protective casing for your device, as this may avoid the device to explode by absorbing the shock from the event.

2. Do not overcharge your device, overcharging the device results in providing the battery with power beyond it’s capacity to store it, resulting in the obvious.

3. Do not plug in the charger while using the device, Plugging the charger while using the device is said to trigger the battery temperature rapidly resulting in a overheated battery.

4. Do not use fast chargers too often.

5. Avoid using the device continuously for more than 3 hours.

6. Keep the phone in a cool and dry place when not in use.

7. Avoid keeping the phone in direct sunlight for long period of time.

8. Give your phone a break! Avoid prolonged use to the device on a daily basis.

9. Minimize your gaming activities or any other activities which require the phone to utilize more power.

10. Always use a compatible adapter to charge your device (Use the same adapter provided along with the device)

So, follow the above mentioned steps and you will get to see your phone for another day and help us share this article to maximum number of people you care about to create awareness, and also so that It could get to the xiaomi officials to look forward into this matter.

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