Wi-Fi 6 the next-Gen wireless network

Wi-Fi 6 wireless network


/ by Kevin Smith

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Wi-Fi the wireless network is welcoming the next-Gen powerful faster upgraded. Wi-Fi is what we use in everyday routine in offices, companies, factories, schools and on streets probably goes with absurd names 802.11n and 802.11ac which precisely hard to remember which standard is better than the other seriously.

 Wi-Fi 6 new wireless network upgrade

Wi-Fi have been existing for decades with variants of previous upgrades. Now the Wi-Fi Alliance the game changers has made up their mind to produce next-Gen (802.11ax) nicknamed Wi-Fi 6. It was announced by Wi-Fi Alliance in October 3rd. While the 5G network band is making it's way up, Wi-Fi 6 is coming along too, years from now you won't be bothering yourself with internet speed lagging. Wi-Fi Alliance went further and narrated....

For nearly two decades, Wi-Fi users have had decades through technical naming convention to determine if their device supports the latest Wi-Fi. We're glad to introduce Wi-Fi 6 and present a new naming scheme to help the industry and the Wi-Fi users daily understand the Wi-Fi generation supported by their device or connection.

Here's The Names Given To The Older Generations.

  • 802.11b named Wi-Fi 1
  • 802.11a named Wi-Fi 2
  • 802.11g named Wi-Fi 3
  • 802.11n named Wi-Fi 4
  • 802.11ac named Wi-Fi 5

The next-Gen wireless network 802.11ax is called the Wi-Fi 6 and is expected to be launch anytime in 2019, we already know it will feature more power & speed, handling multiple task with ease compared to the previous wifi networks and each wi-fi band you're using will display the number right on top the Wi-Fi signal to indicates the one you're using.

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