Sony Playstation 5 Details Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Console

Sony Playstation 5 Review


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While the Playstation 4 is still taking the lead on Sony gaming console. Sony plans on working on their next gaming console playstation 5, though the console details is not yet made official, over here in erudipedia we've snippet of the console details and what Sony is planning to encrypt on the playstation 5. 

 Playstation 5 console details reviews everything about ps5

We got info that Sony is adding hardware V-SYNC support to the upcoming playstation 5, the patent was made in late May 2018 which was approved recently and is registered to playstation's parent company Sony interactive entertainment LLC. The V-SYNC helps to eliminate screen tearing and make games appear smoother. The term is short for Vertical Synchronization and should be familiar to gamers as its enabled through graphics settings. 
Sony also plans on adding Backward Compatibility on the upcoming playstation 5, they patent a new feature to support Backward Compatibility for the playstation 5 which gives you the ability to play all previous Sony PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 console games in the PS5.

The Sony is also working on playstation network (psn) upgrade for the playstation 5. According to Windows Central Writer Jez Corden who works around the industry said that Sony is hard at work on making the PSN a better experience for the playstation 5

According to the image above we saw on playstation official page on Facebook show the playstation 5 is set to come in November 15, 2020 which probably a rumor, Sony has not official revealed the release date for their next gaming console the ps5.

For now, this is all we know about the Sony upcoming gaming console the playstation 5, stay with us for more updates on the Playstation 5 Console.

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