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Game developed by Crystal Dynamic in collaboration with Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix released new update version 1.05 patch for shadow of the tomb raider for PS4 and Xbox One consoles, that was recently resolved on PC.

 Shadow of the tomb raider updated version for ps4, Xbox one

If you're a PS4 or Xbox One gamer, we're releasing this good news to you that the new update is out for download from now on and will mostly fix the glitch that stopped the game from Displaying 100% original completion and problem of not getting the Platinum trophy.

PS4 and Xbox One Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Update Version 1.05 Patch Notes

So here's is what the update fixes but it's only on consoles the update is already on the PC.

  • Fixes Display problem to 100% real completion including....
  • Problems  related to the Champions Bow Quest and Dr Croft.
  • Problems with Monoliths and others related.
  • Fixes a problem that won't allow some items been carry over into new game.
  • Fixes progression blocker, some players experienced in the Kuwaq Yaku, Peruvian Jungle and Manko's Tomb.
  • Fixes the problem where game hints still show while the player have disabled it.

The new patch 1.05 updates the VO and Localization in tons of Languages. The game is available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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