Marvel's Spider Man To Get New Game Plus Update Soon Insomniac Revealed

Marvel's Spider Man New Game Plus Update


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Insomniac Games has agreed that Marvel's Spider Man will get a new game plus update soon.

 Marvel's Spider Man new game plus update

It was stated in an interview with GamerInformer which was related to the games post-launch support including the upcoming DLC. Watch the interview below Everything Insomniac's saying about Spider Man's DLC.

Talking about the upcoming Black Cat DLC, the game director for Marvel's spider Man Bryan Intihar state  that due to fans will never be satisfied with content offered they always wants more content, so with that their job with this DLC is to deliver the same high quality content that was present in the main game. 

It will further build on the story from the main game, add new activities and costumes for spider Man. Though Bryan Intihar hasn't spend much time with the development of the DLC due to PR yours but he was pleased with the progress mode on it. The first DLC is focused on Black Cat which will be Released on October 23, while the remaining 2 DLC is also planned to be launch before the end of 2018.
Back to the potential new game plus mode, the game director teased that an update will be out probably soon though the exact date is not mentioned. Marvel's Spider Man is exclusively available for the PS4.

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