Marvel's Spider-Man Watch The First 18 Minutes Of Black Cat Focused DLC "The Heist"

Spider-Man Black Cat DLC The Heist Review


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  • Marvel's Spider Man Black Cat DLC 
  • Black Cat Focused DLC "The Heist"
  • Marvel's Spider Man Black Cat "The Heist"
  • Black Cat "The Heist"

When it comes to superheroes you find one in every person. But the one whom each and every person admires is  Spider-Man. The one who is quite possibly one of the greatest and an interesting superhero of the MCU. 

 Spider Man Black Cat DLC The Heist Review

Spiderman video game which was an all-time need seen in every superhero fan, and if you are among the ones who have already completed the game and finished the many sided levels and quests, you will no doubt be making yourself a way to buy the DLC now.

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Titled as "The Heist," this game takes place after the main storyline and will put the main focus and spotlight on Black Cat as she makes her way back to New York City, a plot teased throughout Spider-Man.

Below is the first 18 minutes play of Black Cat DLC "The Heist".

But as everything keeps changing around, the first few minutes has been released online and it displays up a much better understanding about what to expect as well as the way this attractive version of Felicia Hardy is going to be characterised in this version of the Spiderman game.
In this new created version, DLC, fans will also get to see different accessories including three new suits to wear. While new villains and crime twists will also be seen added to this game for players to get connected and attracted with. It has been said that we should expect to see quite a bit more of another amazing person of the Spiderman's life Mary Jane Watson as well.

The next two chapters will be released in November and December and then that's  going to be the only 2 released chapters probably until the sequel hits!

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