How to Install and Use BeEF to crack Android and PC Systems web browser

How to Install and Use BeEF on Android and PC systems web browser


/ by Sai Prasad Ray

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BeEF is a most popular tool used for information gathering and exploiting systems over browser. It is only available for linux and androids that are using Kali Nethunter.

 How to install and use BeEF to hack any device web browser

How it works:
BeEF stands for Browser e Exploitation tool. It works like metasploit. But it is more stable and easy than metasploit. It uses a .js file to hook a system's browser and gather information from that device, no matter which Operating System it uses. It can able to cross firewalls and can able to exploit apple devices. We just need to prepare a webpage and link our hook.js link in the page and host it. When your victim opens the link then their system's browser gets hooked and the system will be under your control. After a browser is hooked then you can be able to retrieve all the information about the user with its social account data's. There is a command section where more than 50 command are found which can be used to ambush your victim to get personal information.

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How to install BeEF:
We all know that installing a program is not so easy in linux but our process can help you to understand the whole Installation procedure. So if you want to install BeEF in your linux then follow the process below. This is a github process so it can be installed in any unofficial linux.

1. First open terminal [ctrl+alt+t]

2. " git clone git://" Use this command to download BeEF files from git server.

3. " cd beef " Use this command to navigate to downloaded folder for furthur installation procedure.

4. " rvm use [email protected] --create" This command will download repositories for BeEF

5. " gem install bundler " This command will install all downloaded repositories.

6. " bundle install " This command will configure beef with your system.

How to use BeEF:

1. After installation browse to beef folder via terminal by using command "cd /usr/share/beef-xss"
For nethunter users you can simply do this by visiting "Kali services" tab

2. Then use command " ./beef " to start BeEF server.

3. Then open a new terminal tab and use this command "sudo service apache2 start" to start Apache web server. This will help to host your webpage.

4. Then copy the 'ui url' and paste it in your browser.

5. Then use demo page to hook others browser and control them

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