How to delete my Snapchat Account

How to delete Snapchat Account permanently


/ by Kevin Smith

  • How can I delete my Snapchat account
  • Steps on how to delete my Snapchat account
  • I want to delete my Snapchat Account
  • To delete Snapchat account what will I do!

Snapchat is becoming one of the pathetic Social media these days. Imagine you putting on dog tongue and cat ears trying to make fun out of it posting it in all social media and you end up been locked by friends or angry and tried of the people contacting you or seeing your Ex moving on with your friend poating it on snap story. Are they like hanging out now? Geez, is time to get rid of that particular account. Folks rates it as total time waster along with some of it's disgusting filters.

 How to delete my Snapchat account

And you've made up your mind and decides to delete the account here's how the steps is simple and shot all you have to do is deliberately follow the steps. Guess you've tried deleting your Snapchat account through the app but you couldn't, yes because you have to delete it through browser, so here's how.

How To Delete Snapchat Account

  • Click on this Page with your web browser.

  • Log in with your Snapchat details, password and username.

  • Confirm the details you typed in.

  • Scroll down, you will find the delete my account option there.

  • Confirm and you're done!.

Check your account out in 30 days, if you log in back it will be reactivated by Snapchat and after 30 days your details will be deleted.

So that's it, if you knew another or better easy way to delete Snapchat account you can let us know in the comment

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