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  • Destiny 3 Location And RPG Elements
  • RPG Elements And Location Of Destiny 3

We definitely need few more time before Destiny 3 to be revealed, despite that, some spotted online along with the location.

 Destiny 3 review details location RPG elements

So far the game has gotten tons of leaks lately, precisely this is not the first time, but probably what makes things more interesting in this, is that it was shared by a Reddit user AnonTheNine via "resetERA" who has a history with leaking information related to Destiny 3.

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  • Europa, which was only seen in a concept art, will reportedly be a location in Destiny 3.
  • Chris Barrett will direct this sequel instead of Luke Smith, who handled Destiny: Rise of Iron and Destiny 2.
  • Luke Smith is still there in a "big role" but he is not the game director.
  • The sequel will have a bigger focus on RPG elements.It will be more hardcore than the Forsaken expansion.
  • There will be some PvPvE patrol zones, but not like The Division Dark Zone.
  • The development of the game has just started this year.
  • He hints at guardians using "Darkness" which points towards new sub-classes.

Above is the concept art of Europe from Destiny 1, it definitely hints how it could look like in the upcoming project. The game is been developed by Bungie and publish by Activision.


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