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Ubisoft has dropped a new update version 1.03  on PS4 and Xbox One, will be coming to PC soon. Without exaggerating more here's what the new update packs in.

 Assassins creed odyssey updated version for ps4, xbox One and pc

The update weighs in at under 2.4GB on both PS4 and Xbox One. The size of the update proved that the bugs is fixed, but Ubisoft hasn't shared any official patch notes for it so far. In the other hand we've the list of the changes that'll be fixed in the update 1.03.

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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Update Version 1.03 For PS4 and Xbox One Patch Notes

  • Implemented some "quality of life and usability improvement features: Improved performance, stability and Game fracturing issues that could happen in specific conditions.
  • Textures issues on silver islands: Some players may experience low texture quality on the silver-island when using Ikaros. (This problem will be addressed with TU 1.03).
  • Legendary cultist item not given: Currently there's an issue where legendary items from defeated cultists may not given to the player if they vividly travel or stray far interval knocking the cultists unconscious and assuring the kill. (This problem will be addressed with TU 1.03).
  • Zoisme and kallias cannot be reached when they're spawned in the cave of Gaia. (This problem will be addressed with TU 1.03).
  • "Aphrodite's Embrace" achievement/trophy not unlocked after spending the night with Xenia. (This problem will be addressed with TU 1.03).
  • Myrrine and Brasidas get teleported to Naxos. (This problem will be addressed with TU 1.03).
  • Mercenary gets stuck inside closed house in fort samik on forest of soron and Arkadia. (This problem will be addressed with TU 1.03).

PC Specific
  • Benchmark doesn't record data with window 7.
  • VRAM meter doesn't update in real time.
  • Dialogue with Barnabas doesn't trigger which results that players remain without a quest.

The Assassin's Creed Odyssey is now available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.



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