WWE 2K19 Review Everything You Need To Know Before Pre-ordering Yours

WWE 2k19 Review Ready For Pre-order


/ by Kevin Smith

WWE 2K19 Review

One of the world biggest Entertainment industry WWE are back with another entry the WWE 2k19, the game comes with a ton of roster rapped with awesome interesting new stories, over the years now, wrestling has create impact in people's lives and filled it with fun. 
 WWE 2k19 review pre-order now free to buy
Folks book tickets from all parts of the world to go see a live wrestling matches and support their favorite superstars. Not just watching you can make it all happen right inside your home with your console or PC by purchasing a copy of WWE 2k19 coming up. see video below.

You can go through the huge roster play through my career, win the universal champion, head over to Road to Glory and bundle up with Tower mode. The WWE 2k19 got alot of superstars you can wrestle with both recent and from all over WWE history superstars. 

The Big Bad Roster

This is the biggest roster in the history of WWE 2k sports, one of the valued thing in a WWE game is the roster, we mean, who doesn't want to put their favorite wrestler into dream matches? nobody we think, everyone wants to, we intend to see a smile on your face knowing that  the WWE 2k19 packs in the biggest roster ever. So you ready to kick some ass with the superstars of today like (The Big Dog) Roman Reigns, AJ Style, Randy Orton, John Cena and many more, come over to the all time WWE superstars you can get Stone cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H and many more.

You also get access to the showcase mode, there you can follow the story of Daniel Bryan, the severe competitor all the way up from the Indies.

What More Can We Expect In WWE 2K19?

Alot of features is been add by the maker 2k sports such as...

My Career

In here you'll find yourself going up against authority figures, forming teams, breaking tag teams, fighting for Championship and many more.

The Universe

You'll need to manage an entire roster weekly and monthly shows. Over here you'll book your dream matches, remember get ready for your rivals.

Road To Glory

All hail the glory is back again over here is where you take on your my career superstar you built in to a series of matches & challenges. Your efforts here counts it'll earn you more stars, more unlocking events and more rewards all together.


Here determines your gaming experience & skills and will prove whether you're a pro-gamer or amateur. You'll be given a series of rivals to accomplish, you maybe asked to win a series of matches with low starting health or probably ask you to win all Royal Rumble match winners all of them one by one and you'll fight from one tower to the next. On this mode If you ain't a well skilled WWE gamer you probably end up been kicked out.

Now we've shown you everything you'll see in the WWE 2k19, you can go on now and Pre-Order yours.

Get the standard edition and access to AJ Styles' Million Dollar Challenge at $60

Get the Deluxe edition and get to play the game 4 days early before the launch date at $90

We're not done yet there's pretty cool Woooo! edition packs in all Hall of Famer Ric Flair at $130

Hope y'all set to play the game coming on October 9th on Playstation 4Xbox One and PC.
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    I havent tried this game but thanks to you I will try!!! Awesome post super informative.

  2. Thanks man.Really appreciate it


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