Samsung next-Gen Galaxy phone to feature Quadruple Rear Camera Pixels

Samsung upcoming Galaxy phone featuring four cameras scheduled to launch in galaxy event on October 11th


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Samsung next galaxy phone might feature four rear camera pixels scheduled to launch in galaxy event on October 11th

 Samsung galaxy phone to feature four cameras to launch in galaxy event on October 11

Samsung has to make a capricious move, it has not been long the Galaxy note 9 showed off, we thought the company is done for the year but unfortunately they ain't done yet. The South Korean manufacturer is set to reveal it's next phone at Galaxy Event holding on October 11th. Holy moly will this device bring redemption to samsung to rank all time best camera Smartphone? Actually will this bring a chaotic situation for other tech giants? We can really say let's wait and see what samsung holds for us at the event coming up on October. But before then you can see the Samsung Phones With RCS Support and they new Samsung Heath v6.0 update, the app comes with new social features & cleaner UI Get yours Here.

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Though through the recent rumors on Twitter given a clue at a galaxy phone with four rear Cameras, it's 100% possible we'll see the device break cover next month. Probably Samsung confirmed that they'll launch a foldable phone this year, so the next phone could be the long-awaited Galaxy X, perhaps we heard about the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 unveiled too precisely. On the four rear camera device stuff, we'll likely hear much more about the device in the coming weeks before then let's here your thoughts, do you think samsung is making the right move? What do you want do you want samsung to reveal on the event? Let's hear it in the comments.

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