Samsung Health V6.0 Update

Samsung Health v6.0 update


/ by Kevin Smith

Health v6.0 update comes with new social features & cleaner UI.

 Samsung health v6.0 update

Samsung Health deserves some commendation seriously, they have come a long way since 2012 and recently, the apps gets better once again regards to the new v6.0 update. According to Samsung's website, the latest update to samsung health is more interactive, personalized health and wellness experience with enhanced personalization, accessibility and wearable integration.

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Health v6 update

Though the old design was not bad at all, but we can say this new look is much easier on the eyes. Samsung designed the v6.0 that if you get to the Discovery page you'll find health related articles, fitness, programs, promotions and can get to purchase Galaxy watch, Gear fit 2 pro and so on over there. Right now the samsung health is now available on play store.

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