Samsung planning to release four versions of Galaxy S10 with 5G Support

Samsung Galaxy S10 Four Versions


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  • Samsung to launch Four Galaxy S10 Models Along with S10 plus with 5G Band
  • Samsung Galaxy S10, 10Plus And 10E Coming

 Samsung Galaxy s10 models 5g
Samsung working on four versions of galaxy s10 along with s10 plus coming with 5G band  has been leaked. Few weeks ago the Galaxy S10 was Revealed and now the four models of it comes along. According to XDA Developers, the four models is been Codenamed "Beyond 0, Beyond 1, Beyond 2, & Beyond 2 5G and these flagship devices are coming in 2019.

The file names indicate the device will support LTE and the "q" after the name shows us there might be a version that will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, though is quite surprising. The names is displayed on the screenshot below.
Model names from XDA

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Lately the news of the Galaxy note 10 was everywhere and samsung Codenamed the device "Da Vinci" name given after a famous painter. We don't know the company next move, but for now let's focus on the the 4x fun Event coming on October 11th which reportedly said that Samsung to Unveil their next device with four camera pixels, perhaps we heard another news saying that the event is mostly focused on revealing the mid-range new Samsung Galaxy A-Series With Snapdragon 845, the first mid range devices from Samsung to power such vast Processor. That's all we know for now looking forward to get more news update about the four models of samsung coming up. Till then stay connected for more updates that will come your way.

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