Samsung Galaxy P, Perhaps The First In-Display Finger Print Sensor Device From Samsung

Samsung mid-range phone with an In-display finger print sensor


/ by Kevin smith

Samsung mid-range Smartphone with an In-display finger print sensor.

 Samsung galaxy p

Well..we're not surprised we knew Samsung must surely make a move to fit in the superb owl going on the smartphone arena the In-display finger print of a thing. They're releasing their first In-display finger print sensor in galaxy P their mid-range device. The news was unveiled by Samsung leaker MMDDJ, who also tacit that the device comes up next month. The samsung galaxy p might likely get an optical sensor. 

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We heard the rumors for the first time in early July we thought is just a merely bluffing, but turns out to make a lot of sense now. Perhaps the galaxy P is specifically for China and with that, samsung might be trying to regain some market share in the country.

Samsung mobile CEO Dj Koh said the company's mid-range devices will start to get new technology before even the flagship Galaxy S and note phones.

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