Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Codenamed Galaxy Note 10 "Da Vinci"


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Samsung Codenamed the Galaxy Note 10 (Da Vinci)

 Samsung galaxy note 10

After Samsung launched Galaxy note 9, here comes the Galaxy note 10 coming to world of Tech soon. According to the Korean economic publication The Bell, they said that samsung has started working on the note 10 and has given it the Codename (Da Vinci).

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The name "Da Vinci" named after a famous painter. According to the news we heard Samsung plans to improve the phone's S-pen, though the samsung mobile CEO Dj Koh said the company has a 2-3 years roadmap for the S-pen's development.

Why Did Samsung Codenamed Galaxy Note 10 "Da Vinci"?

Well we can say that samsung always Codenames they newly devices which was reportedly starts with S7. The Galaxy S9 was reportedly Codenamed "Project Star", while the Galaxy S8 and S7 where also reportedly Codenamed "Project Lucky" for the S7 and "Project Dream" for the S8.

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What Are We Expecting On Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

According to Bell's report galaxy note 10 will come with infinity display and no home button, will packs in 5G service, say hello to the inyernet speedster. The device is rumored to be a foldable phone, which is doubtful till Samsung makes it official, in other hand let's wait and see what samsung holds for us in 2019, we'll be expecting the first ever foldable phone and three variants of the Samsung Galaxy S10. The samsung mobile CEO Dj Koh also said that their mid-range line up boost the competitivity of it's non-flagship phones even before the flagships like the Galaxy P been the first mid-range device to feature an In-display finger print Scanner.

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