Razer phone 2 will be launching on October 10th here's everything we know about the upcoming Gaming Beast.

 Razer phone 2 review

The beast is coming and this time with more outstanding features that will surpass any gaming device. The rival of Asus ROG phone, is to be launch on October 10, 2018.
Recently the Razer confirmed that the Razer phone was an achievement, and yes it is to launch a high ends gaming smartphone that ranks the best in the world till date, yes it is really achievement "we added" and it takes them to another level in developing of the 2nd-Gen Razer gaming smartphone reported to be launching any moment from now. 

Razer event date

Here's is our question to all gamers out there, Are you ready to see the Beast? Are you ready to play again? We'll consider your response to be yes. The company has now begun sending out Dates to an event holding on October 10, the event to be titled "Flagship//Gaming" and according to a keynote with CEO Min-Liang Tan, Razer will be focusing on it's mobility showcase.

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Roland Quandt Tweet

The Razer phone 2 no Specifications and Design leaked or revealed yet, the info we got is the tweet from Roland Quandt, he recently tweeted that the Razer phone 2 might come with Razer's Chroma LED effects built in, regards to an LED indictor developed by Texas instrument.


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